Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Can SEE!

Teenagers struggle with a phenomena deteriorating their vision.  The sensory input of their eyes do not compute brain activity into producing willful action. Many teens have been reported to say they didn't even see to begin with and therefore their brain was unable to pick of the visual data.

I have found a solution in my home that is working with astonishing results. I am using the "I Can See" glasses.

When I notice with my eagle parent eyes that underwear is crumbled on the bathroom floor for days, empty used up milk cartons are resting on the refrigerator shelf, dirty dishes are becoming science laboratories in secret spots of bedrooms, I present my teen with something special, the "I Can See" glasses.

I help them place these dark rimmed glasses on their face and ask them to look and see if they find something that needs to be done. Without error, these special glasses have been able to help my teens' eyes narrow in on objects that are not where they belong!

I am so relieved to find out that it is not due to lack of proper parenting, a bad attitude, or raw rebellion! These glasses are so valuable and have ended circular conversations that can lead to mind-bleeding arguments. I have been so impressed that I had to share the success I have had with the "I Can See" glasses.

I will be so happy to send a pair of these glasses to one lucky commenter. It is that simple!

If you too are struggling with teens appearing to have lost connection between visual observation and appropriate taught action, you may find these glasses a wonderful blessing in your home.

Peace, harmony and cleanliness!

Even moms can enjoy wearing them.

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