Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go To The Back Of The Bus

Do not ignore what is happening these days in America! Educate yourself! Be aware. 

Obama's legacy will certainly be one of hate. No president in American history has ever so hated so many American people in general as a group as Obama. He hates people who are not dark skin, if they don't also hate America for the dark skin people being oppressed by the white.

Yesterday, Obama speaking about Republicans and those voting republican rallied, “It's time you sit in back of the bus”. October 26, 2010. Clearly he is using such rhetoric to stir up racial tension, to insight activism, to anger racially motivated minorities to fear that a day may be coming when they again will be forced into submission, oppression, discrimination.

Sadly, Obama is so isolated in his own world of belief he can not even hear his own words from other view point. He does not display the ability to empathize. He can not think like Americans. He can not understand liberty and justice for all. He can not force himself to say endowed by our Creator. He can not believe in anything but "eye for eye" mentality based in punishment, revenge and hate. Please listen closely to his words, listen behind the way he phrases his words, the pictures he conjures up and the words he will not say, the words he drops from our Creator-centered documents. Clearly, this is the way he has been speaking his entire lifetime. This is the real Obama, he is not having a slip of tongue or a misspoken thought.

Truly, I did not ever believe in my lifetime or in American history that we would have a leader as President with such venomous hate for people not in the same thinking of himself. Be warned this is the behavior of a Narcissist. He is in the mold of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Husein, Tao, and many other murderous dictator leaders.

The spirit of America, of love of God, Country and Mankind will rise and be victorious but we must act now.

So what can we, Americans, do:

  • we must rise above Obama's hatred; love your enemies is strength not weakness. It is much easier to hate. While not capitulating, we must move in forgiveness, mercy, love, and equal justice under common law.
  • we must vote him and anyone who aligns with him out of office, voting for people who will go into the fire of Congress to be a friend of the prophet Daniel, who will not bow or worship any man but only Jesus - the one and only true God, the God of love, justice and mercy. We can not remain neutral. Not voting is a vote for the one who is currently in power.
  • we must speak out against his words without speaking in anger, violence or hatred. we must be heard. we can not be silent for fear of retribution or persecution. We can not let someone else speak in our place.

  • we must be vigilant to come to the aid and show loving support to individuals and groups that are fired, demoted, denigrated, belittled, accused, made an example, etc.
  • we must pray continuously that hatred and violence is not stirred up among the populous or those who are still applauding, rejoicing and bring approval to his message.This is not a ploy by flesh and blood. We are in a spiritual war, that must be fought in the spirit. Be aware that demonic fallen angels are following the lead of Satan. All wickedness is being poured out on our Nation. 
  • We must confess America is not as innocent as we make ourselves out to be. We have opened the flood gates of sin... murdering babies in the womb, tolerating sexual immorality, rampant with porn, child abuse, and slave trade of children/teens, teaching their is no Creator God, etc. We must take spiritual stand and NEVER give the ground God has already taken. We must pray in boldness and in the spirit, enabling and empowering Spiritual Angels to fight, guard, and cover when necessary.
  • we must be willing to stand in the gap, to hold back evil, to be prepare to defend  our Constitution by all legal means given to us by our founders who prepared the Constitution for a day like today.
Do not loose hope! Obama offered false hope and so many people desiring a good future followed him as though he was a King or a god. He is neither, and this is why his hope is empty, a bag of hollow bones, a trap to fall into ignorance and hatred of those not like-minded.

We have real hope! Hope that has stood the test of time. Hope that will continue for eternity, because the object of our hope is not a policy, person, economic condition, etc.  God is the object of our hope. God will be faithful. Study His Word, pray, speak, stand, support, vote, be alert and on guard in spiritual armor.

God will speak and do when He is ready, we cry out to Him in repentance, reconciliation, and righteousness.

If you read this and you fear, question who you have chosen to be your Master. In God, who is love, Perfect Love cast out all fear.


  1. This blog will really rock the boat and I'm blessed to be in the boat with you, sister!

  2. We are going to have to hold on tight because he is gonna push us over the Niagara Falls, but God's Warrior Angels are going to help us land.


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