Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Word of Promise Delights

The first Bible I picked out for myself over 26 years ago was a Thomas Nelson New King James Version, and I have always loved it. I was so delighted that The Words of Promise New Testament audio was the NKJV. For people unfamiliar with this version of the Bible it is a translation from the work of the original King James Version that has created the standard for Biblical accuracy.
Extraordinary Audio Bible

The poetic and familiar phraseology loved by many die-heart KJV fans will be surprised to know the NKJV holds true to words translation and syntax. This is very important to many who love to hear the Bible as they have known it from childhood, or at least since they have been a Christian.

This set of audio CDs are amazing quality, so enjoyable to hear with some of the best trained voices that not only transmit the words of the Bible but often the passion, and emotion, and life of the Word.

I highly recommend this set of audio CDs. Anyone who loves God's Word or who would desire to give a love one a gift of life this would make an excellent gift.

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