Friday, October 1, 2010

Devoted to Devotions

Today I am blessed to share this link:

  Lindy Abbott at Godly Gals

A few weeks ago I wrote a devotional for an amazing lady that has hosted a year of Godly Gals to her website. I hope you enjoy everything you find on her site.

 Devotions have found me. I did not find them. Well, that is not totally correct. I guess a long time ago, many, many years ago... I wanted to express what I was experiencing about God but had so little time being a mom of young children... this is way before blogging or facebook... in the stone-ages of emailing! I would send out an email once a week to a bunch of people who probably wished I would stop. Do you remember the days of mass emailing? Now I am mostly bombarded by mass company emailing that I detail as soon as I see it.
Pouring - Both Emotional Tears & God into Me

As column writer Take, Root and Write website, I was asked to try my hand at a devotional column. God has a funny way of getting us to do things we would never do without his nudging. Well, my healing column on this site is coming to a close since the website has been bought by a new owner with a different vision from God.

The column, Abuse and Trauma, Hope and Healing, may find new life on a sister devotional site to Take Root and Write or it might find its resting place at my own blog on my personal journey in healing from trauma. Either way, it will go on because writing is a way I process what God is doing in my soul.

My heart is sad at the end of this season. I wrote this column article with great passion and purpose. The column ideas came to me as easily as dust finds a way to my tabletops or my cat finds the oddest places to take a nap. I never had to dig or try to put together an article. The words begged me to be written, to be birthed from my heart of experience to appear in print. God touched me and in turn I have been allowed to reach others.

Now I am left with the devotional column, Letters From The King. This assignment seems to not want to let go of me although I don't find much birth pangs to get the words out. I feel more like a funnel allowing God to pour through me, not in a saturated way but as a vessels for His thoughts. He talks to me, and I write what I hear. It doesn't much feel like mine at all, but His.

But isn't that so His way.... to strip from us what we own and to leave working what belongs to Him. I am never certain after I write one of these "Letters From The King" if it is quite good or not. It doesn't feel like a burden to has been lifted from me as when I write from my experience. It just feels done.

If you care to check out these columns you can go here: Abuse and Trauma Healing Articles or Letters From The King

Can't help but wonder what God is up to now... I must confess I don't always like to learn His lessons. Truthful is not always pretty.  It hurts to give up something longed for or enjoyed. But I have learned to walk in faith trusting God even in the times I don't want or understand. Do you struggle to? What gets you through these "letting go" times? What is God teaching you?

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