Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - The Year of a Fast

I am writing this without understanding anything about what I am about to is all new for me.

I feel (with fear and trembling of failure) in my heart that God is calling me to a "Year of Fast" for 2010. Fasting is not something I have ever been good at....I always had good excuses: "well, I need to eat while I am on medication or I don't want to get sickly or weak while taking care of my children." God only knows all the excuses I can make up.

I am not big on new year's resolutions, I am not going to call this one. I already don't feel good about keeping it, so I don't need to doom it with failure by calling it a 'new year's resolution for 2010'.

God prompted me with this idea...I know it didn't come from me, that is for sure. And that very day on the moody radio was a talk show about is anyone saying, "God confirmation".

So I wrote down the author and name of the book and checked to see if I could get it at the Lifeway Christian bookstore near my home. (I know Amazon would have had it, but I am into supporting local businesses...this is another story all together!)

It is on order, or it may even be in...I need to go check. It is not like I don't have 20,000 other books to read and about a hundred making camp around my bed (on my side of course). Just yesterday my oldest told me, "Mom, you can learn too much...."

That happen after I was getting ready to watch a TV show with him and my eyes caught a book shelf I had not seen in a few months and I was totally enthralled with the "new" books in my house. "Oh, I didn't know we had this one. Hmm, this would be a good one. Have you read this?" You get the point. "Mom, come on you get so distracted..."

So back to fasting... I am serious about obeying God and He is trying to get my roaming attention. Maybe He figures a few stomach pains would slow me down to think more toward Him through the day. At least a friend told me that a day or so ago. She told me when she fast, and feels a pain of hunger, she talks with God knowing He went through much more pain for her.

Seriously, though, have you ever had a season of fasting with the Lord. Has He ever called you to a period of fasting? Can you share your experience and its effect?

And later on, I will let you know how it is going...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is ACLU looking out for your rights?

The Tennessean, one of my local newspapers, had a headline stating that ACLU's Winberg has been keeping her eye on our rights - I so disagree!

ACLU’s Winberg does not keep her eyes on my rights, though she might be keeping her eye on ‘your’ rights. Speak for yourself and not the readership as a whole. ACLU strongly protects the rights of non-Christians, homosexuals, and others wanting sexual liberties to have sex when and with whomever they want. Christians want Biblical standard protected: sanctity of life, marriage as one man and one woman and freedom of speech and religious expression in public life.

Working in TN she herself stated that “TN continues to be a battleground for the radical religious right” and she has fought ‘those people’ throughout her career. Well, in TN ‘those people’, people whose lives are radically changed because they know Jesus as their Lord and Savior are most of the people in the Tennessean readership. So it is not only a lie that she is keeping her eye on ‘our’ rights, but very insulting that her life pursues are glorified in huge spread article/interview on the cover of the Issues section on Sunday, November 22, 2009. Christian do have rights, and more than most believe because ACLU lawyers are famous for threatening government, school authorities and any public exercise of Christian beliefs that are in contrast to their agenda. Christians do have the right to speak about their faith in Jesus and his impact in their academic, athletic and life as it pertains to public life in government or public schools.

I will keep informing people of their constitutional rights so they know how to exercise them, and not let them ‘die on the vine’. Christians do not want to take anyone’s freedom away. There needs to be truthful education to what rights are guaranteed under the Bill of rights and what it means in practical terms. There is no place in elementary school for education on being gay. This is not education, it is indoctrination often that run diametrically against the teachings and beliefs of many families served by public education. Children are taught that their parent’s religious beliefs are wrong – how dare anyone in a school undermine the freedom of religious beliefs!

Of course, Winberg wants to see generations of children taught her secular anti-Christian beliefs, and hopes this will empower them to be activist for her convictions. Maybe she should start a church of her own and teach these ‘religious beliefs’ in her own Sunday School classes and preach it from the pulpit of those who want to follow her beliefs. Of course, our constitution fully give her this freedom of speech and religion, but that is not her desire.

She is driven to see children taught as early as possible her ‘beliefs’ to be truth for everyone. Yes, I two, would love for others to know the truth about God, but I do not want to indoctrinate. God is able to draw people to Himself, and His Truths. Today anti-bullying classes are simply a cover for teaching about homosexuality. My son was bullied in elementary school for being courteous, saying yes, maim and allowing girls to go first. There are so few students that are bullied for being gay comparatively for all of the other different reason, but these activist want to use curriculum like this to teach their ‘spiritual-life beliefs’ and worldview. I don't want anyone to be bullied, and teaching people to love others despite differences is what needs to be taught. It is a universal message that flows out of the understanding that humans are created by a loving God, not some evolved blob of cells. Teaching these truths elevated humans to being priceless treasures that should be treated equally with love and respect.

Just because someone makes a statement it is not a guarantee that what they say is truthful. And just because her statements are in print doesn't validate them...don't believe everything you read. Many statements given by Winberg in the article are flat out lies. The ACLU is not about being committed to equal protection under the law for all people. And they do pick and choose their cases. For example, I believe and will publicly state the homosexuality, abortion and pre-marital sex is a sin in the eyes of God in the Holy Bible. Jesus taught we are to love the sinner but to hate the sin.

Since we are all sinners, I never see myself better than others only blessed to be forgiven and saved by grace. I am a sinner saved and always will be. Will Winberg be committed to protect my freedom of speech and religious freedom to make such statements in public schools, public forums and government property? I am not telling people what they need to believe I am simply testifying about my faith. Since I am a Christian, my faith affects everything I say and do, every breath I take. My life Bible verse is “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Can Winberg give one case she has worked on in her 25 year career with ACLU to protect someone with beliefs similar to mine? No, because she calls me part of the “radical religious right.” I am radical because I am a radically changed person due to Jesus Christ coming into my life. I have a relationship with God so that would make me what people would call 'religious'. And I aim to do what I right in the eyes of God! So go ahead - make my day - call me radical, religious and right!

I hate no one, but I do hate sin that puts people in bondage to lies and destroys families. I understand that everyone is precious and a special treasure to God, created in His image. I know that each person is created by God in the womb of his mother, and that people never have to freedom to take the life of another human because to do so as in abortion is murder. When you stop teaching the lie that people evolved from animals but that each is specially created by God for a purpose and a hope in their future, it is crystal clear that God is the only One Who choices the time of anyone’s life or death. The only reason to condone abortion is to eliminate the result of sexual liberty to have sex whenever you want and at whatever age, casual dating, affairs, cohabiting and outside of marriage.

Why do you think liberal men want abortion legal? Do you really think they care about the women they want to have sex with? Do they want abortion available for themselves or for women? Let's face the true, if man truly loved a women he would not be having 'casual' sex. He would want to cherish her, make a commitment to her for life and honor her through waiting to have sex until they are married. He would not want to use, abuse, and dump women to move on to the next conquest. I am not saying it is only the fault of men, truly some women want care-free sex, but often women fall into this because they want to feel loved. Abortion removes the unwanted consequence to people who selfishly want to have sexual liberty without responsibility.

A civilization that kills millions of unwanted infants within the women womb under a lie of a way to take care of a ‘problem’ is crumbling under a lack of basic moral and total disregard to life! Where is Winberg protecting these human beings that are so very vulnerable and without a voice? Since she does not live in the belief of a God Worldview, she ignores Him and His teachings. But simply not believing in God or the Bible does not make Him any less who He truly is, we do not create reality by what we believe. Truths are absolute, and not subjective to a person’s feelings, desires or beliefs. We do not create reality by what we think...only God can speak or think reality into existence. My faith in God does not make Him real. He is Whom He is regardless of what I or anyone else believes. I can deny a truth, but it does not make it go away in reality.

If you agree with the thoughts I have shared check out, and consider signing your name to this declaration. I signed it along with 50,000 and signatures are growing each day. We do not need to surrender our Country to people who love power and money. It is high time we each become better educated and that we take a stand for what we believe. We need public virtue to be taught and understood. Americans have a high calling - we are blessed by God - and therefore we are responsible to Him and our Country to preserve the freedoms He has already provided for each and every American.

How are you going to respond?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ultimate Journey - 7 Practical Steps for Christians

Have you been sold on the "easy yoke" of the Christian life? Why did you say the sinner's prayer? Did you want all of your problems to ride away in the sunset on the promise of eternal life in heaven? If you did, you were lied to, duped by some over zealous evangelistic Christian that was trying as hard as possible to get as many converts as they could.

Have you ever noticed that those same people are not the disciplining type? No, they focus on numbers, big events, reaching the masses all in the name of the Great Commission! "Go!" They read those words and that is their charge. They are going about doing everything they can to bring lost into the church. Their focus is not on the baby Christians who need to be taught. Nah, someone else can waste their time changing the spiritual diapers.

They see the big world of fish swimming about and they intend to catch every one that they can scoop up in their wide and broad net. "Keep it simple stupid." Don't caution the lost that becoming a Christian is not the end of struggling in this world it is really only the beginning. No, that would not be an effective evangelistic message. I mean, lets get them to pray to receive Jesus, run them into a baptismal service and later they can figure it out themselves that Jesus didn't promise a 'rose garden' life.

The Deceiver loves these types of 'converts'. The fringe 'christians' who repeated some words in a moment of guilt, shame or excitement. He knows these people spoke the words with their mouth embracing the thought of a Savior, but the majority of them never even dreamed to go deeper into the heart to confess Jesus to be the Lord of their life. He know that no conversion took place! God doesn't save people who repeat prayers with their mouth. This is why so many people don't see a difference in their life from before they "prayed a salvation" prayer. Matter of fact, it proves more to them that being a Christian isn't real...they should know, they experienced it and it didn't change them.

If they may stay in a church long enough to hear a different kind of message, one that talks about trust, commitment and radical servant-hood they feel tricked or confused. "Hey, wait a minute. No one said anything about Lordship." "I was told Jesus was the answer to all of my problems, that I needed Jesus or else I was going to live in hell for eternity." "What's this about a daily relationship? I wasn't told I would have to change my routine...that I'd have to study the Bible, listen to older, wiser followers of Christ, to trust God with the details of my life."

Yes, the Deceiver delights to see the masses repeat a simple prayer, as they cling to their way of life, and go to Sunday morning church to feel spiritual. They love to sing the songs, hear the message, see their friends, go to fellowship meals...this all feels so good. It is nice to be accepted and to belong to something.

Oh, what easy prey these pretend shallow 'converts' make! It is not that they faked the prayer they made to accept Jesus in their heart. No, they really wanted Him to be in their heart. They wanted to be good, to do the right thing, and be accepted into heaven. But the easy believe-ism message forgot to talk about how true believers in Jesus, count the cost of what changes must be made in their life to daily carry His cross. Jesus clearly told a young rich man if he wanted to be His disciple he needed to "sell everything you have and give it to the poor...then come and follow me" (Mark 10:21).

So what is the Ultimate Journey ...

Every true believer comes to Christ first on the inward journey. They have been discipled enough to know what they are committing the rest of their life to (yes, even their eternal life to). Let's go back to the Great Commission...what does it say .... after all everyone is saying that is the cause of their evangelistic quest to bring as many converts into Christianity as possible. If it is the ultimate charge to the saints, what does it say?

  • Matthew 28:19-20
  • Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.
How do pastors hungry for the lost souls so misread these famous verses? Let's us break it down...
  • Go therefore and
  • Make disciples of all Nations
  • Baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
  • Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and
  • Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages.
Dare I say that they are following their great commission of fame, pride and drive to be great in the kingdom of the greatest pastors! The great commission says nothing about saying sinner's prayers, holding extremely fun events to draw large crowds to get as big of a number of believers as possible, and baptizing anyone that wants to be dunked. It does say to "go". Going is an natural outflow of developing and growing in the inward journey.

"Make disciples" is much deeper than make converts. A disciple is one who has learned enough to count the cost of making a permanent commitment to God. A disciple knows completely what they are signing up for when they ask God to be their Lord and Savior. God is very clear throughout His Word. His call is a call of hardship that takes daily devotion to Him, deep desire to change/repent from wickedness and a longing to reach out to meet the needs of others through God's power.

"Baptism" is for the new disciple. It is an outward step of obedience, a joyous celebration of what has already taken place in one's heart. Baptism is not magical or mystical. It does not save or literally wash sins away, anymore then Jesus washing his disciples feet washed their souls clean. We are forgiven sinners, not perfect saints. Salvation does not make us perfect in a one-time swoop, but it does provide forgiveness for our sins we are ready to repent from and trust God to help us change. New disciples take baptism solemnly and joyfully understanding that they have died to self to live for Christ.

"Teach them to observe all things I have commanded you." It is not enough to lead people through a sinner prayer. Moreover, it is dangerous for these people's soul. God requires us to take on our disciples and to teach them all things He has commanded us. It would blow some people's mind to know that being a Christian means you must be taught how to follow commands. How we have played into the hands of the Devil by not sharing the whole salvation message!

Teaching others is part of our outward journey after we have been a student long enough to learn what God commands and then to inwardly be practicing obedience to Him out of devoted love knowing He let His only begotten Son to die in my place on the cross so that I could have a personal relationship with God, be freed from the penalty and bondage of sin, and so that I could live for eternity in heaven with God.

Here is a list of seven things that should be part of our journey with God as a Christian, in no certain order (note these are not all exclusive), just a good starting point:
  1. Daily reading and studying God's Word, the Bible (daily spiritual bread)
  2. Learning the practice of prayer (being still before God and communicating with Him)
  3. Gathering together with other believers in a Church (Fellowship/ Worship)
  4. Reading solid teachings from Christian books and articles (Lifelong learning)
  5. Memorizing Bible Verses (Powerful weapon against enemy/inward sanctification)
  6. Joining small groups for mentoring and Bible study (community/connectedness)
  7. Developing authentic Christian friendships (accountability, support, siblings in Christ)
If you begin with these seven steps, God will lead you beyond them into deeper ultimate journey of being a child of His! When you lead someone to faith in Jesus, take them through these steps to insure that this new believer gets securely grounded so that they can begin their ultimate journey with God. Remember if someone is willing to commit their life to a cause, they expect it to be a challenge. The inner man responds to hardship and needs to know practical ways to live out their new commitment.

How has the doctrine of "easy believe-ism" affected your life?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Easy Solution for Racism

"Racist" is a word being thrown around widely today. People who disagree with the values, thoughts, ideas or morals of someone can be quickly called 'racist' if the person is dark skinned.

Is it possible that people may actually not agree with a person's life values/goals/agenda and it has nothing to do with skin color? Yes! Many people actually really do listen to what others' say and do,without giving any weight to skin color, when making decisions of whether to identify with or agree with the person.

Is it also possible that people may actually not agree with a person just based on their skin color regardless to the person's life values/goals/agenda and it has everything to do with skin color? Yes! These people regardless of their skin color are racist. Anyone who uses color of skin to identify with or separate out others are racist.

So what is the solution for racism?

Thus, the answer to racism is to believe and apply the history of the human race as given in Scripture. If every person were to accept that:

They are all equal before God,
All humans are descendants of Adam,
All people are sinners in need of salvation,
Everyone needs to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their life,
Each person must build his or her thinking on God’s Word,
All behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, etc. should be judged against the absolutes of God’s Word, no matter what culture one is from—

then the problem of racism would be solved.

(This is taken from the wonderful book, One Blood, by Ken Ham, Carl Wieland and Don Batten)

People are different colors not due to being a different race! We are all of the human race and we are ALL descendants of Adam, created by God and in need of God's grace and Christ's death, burial and resurrection to be saved from our sins.

What makes difference in skin color is having more or less melanin in skin cells - period! It has absolutely nothing to do with behavior, intelligence, ability, giftedness, or any other quality chosen as a measure. Skin color truly is skin deep! If we all could educate ourselves, our families, our students, our churches, our communities, our Nation, and everyone in the world - We would finally embrace the truth that we are all human, children of God, and have different amounts of melanin in our skin cells.

The problem of racism is a problem of education! We are not different races! We have different people groups, different heritages, different environments, different traditions, different beliefs, different goals, different values, different abilities/talents/gifts, and yes, different SKIN COLOR!

Skin color does not make or break a person. It is the cover of a book. You can't judge a book by its color. And you certainly can't judge a human by skin color!

Skin Color Does Not Identify Humans.

This is a truth that needs to be embraced by humans of all color. Whiter skin, darker skin,
medium skin - people with any and every skin tone - need to reject clubs, organizations, contest, societies that base membership and acceptance on skin color. This is one of the biggest things we can do to begin bringing unity to people of a variety of skin color.

There is one race - HUMAN!

Everyone should stop marking race as what skin color you may be. Stop checking those little boxes that are not accurate and check 'Other' and write in 'Human' on the line. This would go very far in stopping discrimination. Let people who discriminate find another way to separate from people. Don't give them the use of untruthful statistical facts of skin color. No reverse discrimination can occur if we all mark human as our race and it is the only truthful answer.

Africa is a Continent not a type of person!

There are seven continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North American, South American). Continents are not a race. Continents are landmasses of the earth. A human's race is not defined by continent they are born in or that their parents were born in. Race is based on genetic DNA. Amazingly no matter what continent a person is born in or what skin color a person may have, human DNA cannot be separated/sorted by skin color!

We are really much more alike then we have been taught and the continent of my familyline is not my race.

Textbooks need to be re-written to be accurate and truthful.

Any textbook that speaks of people being of different races is inaccurate, and any textbooks that discuss people be "race color" are racist! Textbooks that are inaccurate and racist should be removed from all public schools. Truth must be taught. DNA studies are available to testify to these facts and must not be ignored or not taught because it might not be socially accepted.

For more information look at this link - Adamic Race Paradigm Shift

So now that you know these facts and the truth about race, what are YOU going to DO?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

President or King Obama?

The President of the United States is not a King! While he should be presidential in maintaining the respect of the highest office of our Republic, and thereby respected in likewise manner. We the People do not give deference to our president as one does to a King or Queen, Royalty of a Nation. Barack Husien Obama or his supporters should not be shocked by the response he is receiving as he continues to rally in campaign-furor leading chanting crowds of supporters and attacking quips to those dare oppose him.

Gathering opposing view emails and website by gestapo-style 'reporting of fishy' material to the white house, "KGB" video taping of tea party rally participants, and mass e-mailing unsolicited propaganda-syle leaflets flying into email boxes of defending the President's HealthCare truths are not constitutional or the American way of an Executive Branch, White House, protocol. This is vastly different from previous administrations.

So I am not surprised we are seeing vastly different reactions, such as "you lie" comments coming from representatives of opposing views being forced to listen to Presidential spin on His Healthcare in calling a rarely used Presidential address to a joint session of Congress, formly only used at times like the aftermath of 9/11!

The wield of Executive power over the past 9 months has crossed its legal bounds and in many ways looks more like a King, a Despotic, than an American President.

We need to view the whole picture, not one still frame at a time.

There is mounting evidence that this administration is strikingly non-American in its day to day function, plans, and swift-moving force down our throats agenda. We have already swallowed a $1Trillion '2-day rush, don't read, to-pass' spending bill under the guise of stimulus spending. How much medication must an American be forced to take before they are applauded for standing up and speaking out boldly for our Constitutional freedoms?

I applaud Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, who pointed and said, "You lie!" I personally would have done no less, and frankly the framers of our constitution gave us the freedom to be able to do this when dire situations arise, as they certainly have in 2009.

Never forget there is a sin of silence! I proudly stand up and say, "Don't Tread on Me! or My Republic, America!" I would proudly serve my country without pay, or any desire for private gain, to insure Her Liberty!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Truth Does Not Change

The winds of change are blowing.

If you are established in truth, it is absolute, and need not change.

What is changing? That is a good question to ask. Who is changing?

We are to change, conforming to the Truth.

Truth never needs to be corrected, repackaged, transformed, enlightened by a new opinion.

What sets America apart from other countries is that our founding fathers, set up a government based on unchanging principles. They did not look for the best methods of governing of their day. They looked to principles that could pass the muster of the Bible. Principles equal rights, not fairness or equal things. Can current bills in congress pass the muster of the Bible. Are they right Biblically? Are they necessary? Are they fully funded? Are they written in plain english that can be clearly understood instead of needing to be litigated to get their intent interpreted by the judicial system (too fond of writing laws from the bench)?

Our founding fathers understood that certain rights were unalienable Rights, given by God not government, that all men were created equal, under a one true Living God. The Bible taught them that there was peace through strength, to protect the role of the family, to avoid the burden of debt, to protect human frailty and in a free market, the diligent would have more than enough while the lazy would go for want.

The Secret to America's Strength was the fundamental understanding of the role of religion. Cleon Skousen, author of The Five Thousand Year Leap, addressed law students in 1981 explaining our Founding Father's firmly attached the role of religion to our founding documents, like our Constitution, hoping our Constitution would emerge the first free people! People not enslaved to government, debt, winds of change, turbulent times, and the latest ideas. But they failed to realize, beyond their wildest thoughts, that the role of religion would fall to the wayside in many American homes/families.

They emphasized the essential need to teach religion and morality in schools:

"Religion, morality and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged." (Northwest Ordinance, Article 3)
Note these 3 important subjects (and note, these are the foundation of homeschoolers):
  1. Religion (fundamental beliefs of the origin & relationship of man to God and others)
  2. Morality (a standard of behavior distinguishing right from wrong, in the sight of God, not man)
  3. Knowledge (intellectual awareness and understanding established facts, not theories)

These were not intellectual exercises of today's philosophy and religious classes taught in today's schools, but essential ingredients necessary for "good government and the happiness of mankind."

Is there any question why we are in the dire condition we find ourselves in today in America? Is there any doubt as to why God is drawing simple Christian families to school their own children?

God is not giving up on America. He is intent on clearing the slate of those who think themselves wise in their own eyes.

His Word promises (and His promises are firm foundations,truth, to stand on):

Proverb 12:21 No grave trouble will overtake the righteous (believers of Jesus)
Proverb 12:15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise
Proverb 12:24 The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy man will be put to force labor
Proverb 12:13 The wicked is ensnared by the transgression of his lips, but the righteous will come through trouble.
Proverb 12:5 The thoughts of the righteous are right but the counsel of wicked are deceitful
Proverb 11:21 The wicked will not go unpunished, but the prosperity of the righteous will be delivered.
Proverb 12:7 The wicked are overthrown and are NO more, but the house of the righteous will STAND.
Proverb 12:3 The root of the righteous cannot be moved.

We, Americans that hold dear our religious faith, principles morally right in God's eyes, and knowledge, need to stop being tossed to and fro by these 'winds of change' and 'wicked lies we hear and read'! We need to stand firmly on the promises of God's Word, without fear! God is watching and waiting. He is enormously more powerful and sovereign then anything man-made or any person. With God on our side, Who Should We Fear? No One!

Steady yourself, ground yourself in quiet time with Him and be filled with His truth to combat the lies so poetically rolling off of the tongues of those given a platform and media coverage. Don't get discouraged, keep your focus on Jesus. He is still at the right hand of God and in Him you are seated in the heavenlies. Don't grovel for what is toss as a 'keep quiet bone' (like Obama's demonstration tort reform on healthcare in one state to be tested)! We will not bow down to lies watching our republic and constitution being ripped to shreds. The battle is not lost. Look up to the horizon, it has only just begun!

God has been preparing a godly generation of children called out and set apart to Him. He is about to unleash them. Be prayerful and prepared to stand with them. Homeschoolers have been trained up the last 30 years for this cause. The time is now! Watch and see what God is doing. Praise Him, and be awed! I have felt there was a specific reason for over the last 20 years that God moved hearts to homeschool, now I am going to live to see it fruit! In this, I am rejoicing!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado - Book Reveiw

True to Max Lucado's rich visual storytelling style of writing, he draws the reader quickly into his book, Fearless, with a real life story. Fearless is a state of being that God offers to all of His children and Max Lucado begins in Chapter One asking, "What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats?...Can you imagine a life with no fear?" This is the possibility in Jesus that Max Lucado writes about in the next chapters of his book, and he is serious about your ability to live fearless practically day in and day out, even in the fears of today (debt, terrorist, swine flu, politics, foreclosures and job loss).

He grabs the reader with his talent to make the Bible come to life as he reveals the treasures many of us miss in a quick Bible reading. He teaches that "Fear corrodes our confidence in God’s goodness." and "We begin to wonder if love lives in heaven" since so many terrible things are happening all around us. This book is packed full of Scripture that commands us to not be afraid, lending to the authoritative teaching-style which convinces and convicts the reader to trust God and stop fearing.

Even the seasoned Bible Student will glean new insights into areas of their life that fear still lingers, making this book a valuable read for a wide audience. His book would be a wonderful book to give as a gift because fear is a universal topic we all experience, and everyone will be able to relate and grow in faith as he/she reads Fearless.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Creating a New Church - Good Enough for the Future

Call For Change

In light of reading a blog post by a Southern Baptist Church Pastor on the fact that SBC organizations needed to
"rise up a new breed of leaders who can truly cooperate, examine, dissect, implement and strategize to create a new convention of churches that say the past had its place but it is not good enough for the future." I became alert to how familiar this sounded to the current events of our American Country today.

He went further to say "
A changing world deals ruthlessly with ministry and organizations that don’t embrace change, and people are coming to respect that fact more every day. The Cooperative Program and the Southern Baptist paradigms of organizations are broke. We can fix it, change it, or simply sit back and continue the tired rhetoric of “we just need to keep doing what we have been doing…just work harder.”

My Personal Response:
While I have been a member of a SBC church for over 10 years, I only have allegiance to God. He can organize His children together under solid Biblical Teachings to further His kingdom work. What concerns me the greatest is not the desire to change, but a common view held by society today that we need to re-construct new frameworks, instead of returning to the foundations that are tried and truly tested over centuries. God's church is not new, His ways are not new, He never changes.

While science has learned to build upon previous scientist experimentation, especially theories repeatedly showing to be correct time and time again, and even becoming laws. The church and society in whole thinks the ways of a previous generation are not applicable or able to move forward to reach newer generations, but must be taken down and discarded instead of being remembered, dusted off and returned to.

Just as we loose our course as Americans, as we try to make the Constitution living, changing for times and current thinking. It seems the church, sees a reason to move on by disassembling the past framework for new ideas, which are never really new because "there is nothing new under the sun".

In the church, We The People (congregation-led), has worked well for the SBC as for our American Constitution. Representative leadership voted in by the freewill of the people, less central (Federal/CEO-type) control over local (State/Member-led) church assemblies and membership. As I see church constitutions in SBC tumble over, often beneath the surface of church member's awareness or knowledge, to become a Leader/ Senior Pastor control (as a despotism of government) removing the rights of the people (the congregation), and places all rights/control in the hands of one or a few leaders.

While this may seem prudent in a season when the one or few leader are of highest character and spirit-led, it is not far-thinking to a time when one less scrupulous (even a wolf in sheep's clothing) may take the helm of leadership and destroy congregations. It is dangerous to God's Church and to Government to put all power in the hands of few instead of broadly trusting God's ability in and through all people.

I don't have a personal benefit from seeing society honor forefather's wisdom and discipleship of thousands of years of believers, but I have a responsibility to God to be alert in the times that I am alive because one may never know when for such a time as this He formed me in my mother's womb, and allowed me the experiences of my life, to stand up and speak a plain and simple call - "It about God, and nothing else"....not a congregation, denomination, Nation, person, method, program, ministry, tradition,etc. Clearly Solomon in all his wisdom bestowed on him by God found "all is vain" and "fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man's all. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil."

Having such wisdom from God, need we look for today's ways or should we not listen to the wisdom of Solomon and return only to God's ways?

A Picture Story

Picture this, a first century church leader is preaching in the home of a believer teaching about Christ come, Christ died, Christ resurrected way into the night. As the Spirit-led, multitudes gather to hear and learn. As he spoke about repentance and the call to respond, many felt touched, some even had tears well up in their eyes, others looked convicted. In the corner was a magician to keep the children entertained, the musicians played loudly in the street to give the young people a place to hangout, and a drama skit alternated with an artist on the far left side to keep the seekers plugged in and not overwhelmed by the weight of the Preacher's message.

Still a man fell asleep, and dropped out of the second-story window to the ground, because Preacher was not engaging enough to keep him alert. The church leader vowed to never again preach so long into the night, for the health of those listening. He was to not be led by faith in what he could not see for it was obvious the truth is what he could see with his naked eye, and plain to everyone else. Times were changing, the people drawn to fellowship needed more than God's simple message.

They need laughter, excitement and practical how-to life lessons on saving money at the market, how to speak in foreign languages, and wholesome recreation. From this day forward he taught all the leadership to gauge the mood of the people to discern what the church needed to offer to those coming weekly and to draw out those who lack interest in knowing God. And the local called-out gatherings of believers swelled in numbers too big to fit in the home they had once used because every wanted to spend time with their friends, to uplift/ encourage one another to good neighborly deeds, and relax to a reasonably-priced fellowship meal before a weekly nighttime activities since they had been working hard all day in the fields.

It was evident to all this formula was working since so many filled the halls and yard of the homes being used. New larger building would need to be erected to allow newcomers a place to sit and tie up their camel, so everyone brought their offerings to the Preacher and his growing staff along with their tithe to ensure everyone would feel welcomed, comfortable and desire to come again.

News spread quickly of the success of the First Century Leader. People traveled from afar to learn his method, longing to repeat his outcome in their hometown and become the largest, fastest growing local church. Years later, huge building were in many towns, often a few on a single street and the people were committed to their congregation enjoying the positive influence on their life and their children's.

Change and hope were continually in the air, and all the best leaders kept their eyes peeled for new and creative ways to communicate .... hmmmm hmmm, oh... leaders were doing all kinds of programs, small groups, children activities to communicate .... oh...., love, acceptance and tolerance to all to never offend the crowd and keep up the growth, and of course, to keep their high paying job.

Jesus's Leadership

The greatest leader ever known to mankind was not by worldly standards a great leader. He was simply a man called Jesus of Nazareth. He build no buildings, created no clubs or organizations, and delivered no campaign drumming up attendence prior to his plan to enter a village or town to preach.

He was not about change, embracing the new trends of his day to keep up with the times. He was only about one change in life, offering each of us an opportunity to trade our sinful wrecked life for His new righteous life. He was about helping people return to a relationship with God that had long been severed by sinful choices by do what seemed right in people’s own eyes instead of God's.

He never desired a larger team. He liked working in small groups developing personal life-on-life relationships. He never drafted a long-term mission plan. He knew God's plan would be written in the Scriptures, and sufficient for every life from His first coming to His second coming. He never listened to others opinions and views before he spoke. He was a leader following only the voice of one other, His Father-God. He set forth not policies, committees, programs or goals. He was spirit-lead, and when He died and left His followers and closest companions, He trusted each to be personally Spirit-lead doing the will of His Father-God.

Does the church of today need to embrace change and new structures and rising leaders? What do you think? Are today's leader's like Jesus' leadership? Tell me what you think.

Monday, August 24, 2009

She Still Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth Book Review

At first look, She Still Calls Me Daddy appears to be a book written by a man for other men. Pleasantly, it turns out to be a delightfully interesting book, rich with wisdom of experience for a much wider audience. Robert Wolgemuth has beautifully crafted a book that is an easy, must-read for new Fathers-of-the-Bride. But more surprisingly, he has written a book that is an insightful read for mothers and parents, in general, at all stages of life. The relevance comes from the writing being authentically lived; Wolgemuth has lived the words written in this book.

The gem of this book is his coming to terms that his role of daddy, protector of his daughter, changes to daddy, protector of his daughters’ marriage! I simply love this. Who would not desire a person who deeply loves them to be working intentionally to protect their marriage? Wolgemuth shares the purposeful shift in his father-daughter relationship, the moment he released her from his care by speaking the word, “Her mother and I do,” granting a new son this protective role in his daughter’s life.

This is why I treasure this book as an essential parenting book , one that will used as a resource for many years.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Editorial La La Land - Congressman Bart Gordon

I tried to send this to my local newspaper but I got a notice the their website key verification failed after I hit the send button. Fortunately I have learned to make a copy of all my letters to the editor because most of the time they end up in Editorial La La Land.

So here goes my letter to the editor, maybe someone in my State will get to read it:

Thank you for the article this weekend about the telephone meeting planned by Our Congressman Bart Gordon. On Thursday, last week I personally made a trip downtown to ask when our representative was going to be meeting with his constituents, as he has all previous years. I was told by the receptionist that he had not yet decided on a time but I could call anytime and see if a date had been set.

As most constituents of the 6th district I was befuddled trying to figure out how it was "more convenient" for his 700,000 constituents to go online and sign up for one of two telephone "meetings".

The only person convenienced by a telephone conference call is Congressmen Bart Gordon himself!

I called his office today to express my desire to still have an opportunity to meet with him face to face. If he wants to convenience all 700,000, he might set 3-4 dates for meetings at MTSU (Middle TN State University) Murphy Center or football stadium. I am sure many constituents could find time to attend, and be convenience by the large arena.

I told his office to consider how inconvienced people without internet connections are to be involved, since you can not sign up even by calling his office. For that matter, think about older residents that are totally uncomfortable with using computers. This just doesn't seem very accommodating to a very large sector of his district. After directly asking if people could go into his downtown office on main and use his internet to sign up for this conference call, his office staff told me, "Yes." So I thought it would be nice to inform all of Bart Gordon's constituents to head down to his office if they need to sign up for one of two phone calls he will be making before he runs back to Washington.

Also, I told them that I, personally, am highly inconvenienced by having a telephone conference because I have never had one in my life. It is unnerving. When will I get to speak? Will I have to listen to a long monologue from Bart Gordon without any feedback or comments? How will his office decided who gets to ask a question? Will it be a video conference? How will he really understand what the people want when he considers voting for upcoming bills? Is not a representative someone that is elected by a districts citizens to govern in their behalf, representing their principles and desires.

Noah Webster explained that a Republic was "a state in which the exercise of the sovereign power is lodged in representatives elected by the people. In modern usage, it differs from a democracy or democratic state, in which the people exercise the powers of sovereignty in person."

How Can Bart Gordon represent this citizens of his district if he doesn't meet with them to understand how he should exercise the legislative power given to him, being elected by the people? Something just doesn't feel right about waiting months for my Congressman to come home from Washington to speak with him and to only get to do it over a large, controlled, impersonal conference call.

Frankly, it feels like he doesn't care what I or any other of his constituents think. Is this what American Congressional Representation has come to? If so, God help America regain our former governing principles that has made US the greatest country to live.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is the Whitehouse Trying to Intimidate Free Speech?

While this may not seem odd to most, I am highly uncomfortable with the current Presidential administration. This was on a recent white house government post:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.
These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Freedom to Speech
I see nothing wrong with people blogging or emailing their take on issues in America. There is always a lot of disinformation. Separating lies from facts is one of the reasons American owe it to themselves and their families to be highly educated. It is essential to not be spoon fed facts from government, schools, newspapers, news shows, television or speeches. One must seek facts and know history, civics, and current events.

Anyone who questions or intimidates being challenged is putting a big red flag up. Do we have an administration who feels they are beyond hard questions, protest, and investigative truth-seeking. It appears to be since Obama continually is trying to rush huge legislation through congress even before our representative have time to read it.

One has to wonder how in the world could his administration have time to write such huge pieces of legislation after only a few weeks or months, and be in such a rush to ram-rod it through processes that were put in place to purposely make law creation a tedious slow procedure to insure only laws that were worthy of surviving ever made it to the President's desk for his signature or veto. Laws were not to be made quickly, because each Federal law had the possibility of stripping away or taking control over individual State Rights.

State Rights
America was born as a country bonded together by our desire to have States where local government was always suppose to control the details of our cities and counties from education, to zoning, to taxing, and social agendas. The beauty of strong state rights and weak Federal rights is the mobility of the American citizen to move to a state that was more of his/her liking.

As the Federal Government digs further and deeper into our lives, individual Statehood becomes almost meaningless. What would be the difference of being one big United Statehood instead of 50 states united together for common protection, and purposes that served the good of all Americans- not a particular nationality, minority, group of people or agenda.

You Have a Choice
If you want to live in a place that allows their infants to be killed in their mother's womb or for same sex couples to marry (for example), go live in a State that agrees to such standards. But don't use the Federal Government legislation to force others to adopt your beliefs or choices of living. For many citizens it is a moral sin to agree to these standards and we are being forced to live under and pay for a sinful government agenda.

It should not be that way in America! This is not freedom for all. It is the 'liberty' of a few mandated, controlled, and force-ably removing the liberty of most.

I live in my State because it is where I want to raise my family. I believe in the conservative Christian values, and want to be an active citizen in helping to take care of our local poor, widows and children in need. The only reason the Federal government needs to step into states with our hard-earned tax money funding controlling laws is when citizens of a state forsake brotherly love.

I say, "Let those States who want to live under nanny-federal-government enjoy higher taxes, less freedom and poor quality social programs (including education). But also give the States back their rights to take care of their own citizens without big brother telling us what and how to do it!"

We are to be led by God and not by government. I love my Country, but I will not be shackled by greedy, power-hungry, godless people who want to re-create America in the image of their god. I am proud to be an American; I always have been! And I believe in the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness I am charged in the constitution to protect from a tyrannical government.

If the Lord taries, I have an obligation to my children and grandchildren, to give them a country that is full of its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

What do you want from your government? Is it right for the white house to ask citizens to turn emails and websites into

Should my email be sent? And what happens if I get flagged? Will google pull my blog? Will I get a visit from the Feds? Will I be on Obama's Most Wanted list? Should I be afraid?

Fortunately, for me, My God, Jehovah of the Bible is Sovereign. And it helps that He is my Abba, Father! (Greater is He that is within me, then he that is within the world!)

Are You a Writer or do you write?

Being a writer and a speaker is not something I would like to try to do. It is much more! It is who God created me to be. I have always loved to journal, to express my thoughts and feeling in writing.

Can you trace back through your life, seeing God's hand in developing you as a writer?

At age 10, I ‘ran away from home’. As I walked several miles, I ended up at a corner drug store. I purchased a little memo pad and a pen.
After getting an ice cream cone at Baskin and Robbins, I sat on a curb near the small strip mall, and placed my hurting heart into word on this little pad.

Words Flow
Words have always flowed easy for me, like a river flooded by an opened dam. Even at young ages, while I didn’t know God personally, I felt His presence leading me to write. Do you feel His presence when you write, like He is guiding you to ideas to type?

In High School, I joined a Creative Writing class. I wrote a poem about flowers blossoming and soon withering to die, but expressed how people continued on and never really died. My teacher was amazed and asked if I knew it was Biblical. Of course, I didn’t have a clue, but I held that comment in my heart understanding the poem was special.

I lived my childhood in a horrifically abusive home. No child should ever have to experience such violence, humiliation, and fear. I passed the innocence and play of childhood. Instead, I knew hard labor, beatings, shame, violation and despair.

Away from Home
I was blessed to attend college away from home. In a few months, I meet My Precious Lord Jesus and my future husband of now 25 years. I wedded early at age 21, and continued to grow rapidly in my relationship with God and in starting my own family.

For years I tried forgiveness, reconciliation and healing, but God wanted me to have so much more. Over the last 10 years, He has carefully led me through intensive trauma counseling, as I continued to juggle the role of wife, mother, and friend.

About 15 years ago, God spoke to my heart telling me I was going to be a writer and speaker for Him. I didn’t understand how it would happen but I strongly believed God.

Have you listened to God and heard Him call you to be a writer?

Therapeutically Healing
Throughout therapy, and motherhood, writing therapeutically helped me heal. I began a blog to giving hope for healing to people who have been through abuse and trauma ( In addition, I started a personal site to share everyday happening, insights from God and my opinions on current events (

In December, God blessed me beyond my imagination by inviting me to become a regular writer for a Christian weekly digital magazine and website, I am currently the author of two regular articles: Letters from the King, and Abuse & Trauma, Hope & Healing.

Have you taken the person time necessary to grow mature and receive Biblical understand to have something solid to speak about?

Joy of Freedom
Several weeks ago God walked me through the end of my healing. It is with emotional joy that I am learning to live life without disassociation and trauma triggers. I am delighted with this daily freedom. The love I have for God bubbles out of me.
I am certain that God will be able to use me in so many new ways if I am properly trained, further fulfilling my life verse, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (NKJV Philippians 1:21)

Has God set you free, moved obstacles, opened doors, filled you with His Spirit, releasing you into being a writer for Him?

Are you a writer or do you write?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do Your Children Have Passion?

If I hope to instill a passion to worship in my children, passion for God must begin in me! If there ever was someone in your life that can identify a fake, its your own children. They know you much better than you believe. As they mature, they carefully watch what you do and almost without a thought ignore what you say. A child can learn to passionately worship even before they can read or right. As wonderful as this truth is, any mom knows it cuts with a two-edged sword. Because just as much as they can learn good spiritual lessons from us, they also absorb our negative, lazy or dead works.

"Hypocrite! You, brood of vipers!," called John to the pharisees of his day. All nice and clean on the outside, worshipful in the sight of others, but harsh words, selfish motivation and judgmental of others in the private places of their life. A child of a pharisee would know that his pious father didn't publicly display who he truly was. And your child too, sees and knows who you really are when no one is looking or listening.

Don't be guilted into a passionate relationship with God, not that it is even possible. But Do be sensitive to allow the sweet conviction of the Holy Spirit full passage through the rooms of your inner heart. Let Him shed His beautifying light on the dusty dark recesses in your soul that must be attended to, swept clean and newly washed in His loving grace. He enters not to condemn but to restore, repair and regenerate. He takes what is dead and brings fresh sprigs of hope that a new day is coming for the neglected places in your heart. Receive Him with joy, swinging wide the welcoming door of your being anticipating the wonderful changes He will orchestrate, if you only give Him permission.

What does it take to instill passion of worship in your soul? It takes a heart that is wholy crying out to God, pleading, "Bend me! Bend my sins. Bend my will. Bend me!" This was the exact words pleaded by those who saw revival in their own hearts at the beginning of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Revivals of 1904 in Wales. Their only heart desire was to let God have His way. No plans, no traditions, no programs, no strict schedules took priority over the direction of the Holy Spirit. As He moved in hearts, freedom was allowed to sing out, dance, cry, pray and preach. Sermons did not need to be prepared, the words spoken and preached flowed totally from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

God chose His instruments of delivery. We can be certain it was not the scholarly students of the day, but the one who sat at the feet of Jesus to get his daily instructions, and teaching. Nothing is purer than mining out the gems in God's Holy Word totally dependent on the Spirit to guide a dearly devoted soul to rightly divide and understand His Words. The Bible is a commentary unto Its self, clarifying words, and repeating instruction for emphasis and illustrating principles of life through life stories, songs, and letters of faithful followers.

What parent doesn't long to pass their faith to their children? To see their own child's eyes light up with amazement and thrill of being touched by the Living God. Just as I long to see my own child walk in His perfectly chosen God-directed path, Father God longs to see us walk in the our God-chosen paths.

Always, before you begin to teach, or speak on a topic, first allow the Holy Spirit to help you internalize the truth by exercising your own faithful walk. Truly people including our own children learn more about what we believe by what we do than what we say, because what you honestly believe is what you will live. A lot of people can talk the right talk, but if we really believed Him, we would walk the right walk.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home schoolers Medieval Dance Party

Have you ever wondered how homeschoolers spend their summers? Well, this is a fun video created by Amanda Read a newly graduated homeschooler who just finished her first semester of college on the President's list with a 4.0 and edited by her sister Rachel Read who is in High School.

Yes, right brain activity is what homeschooling is all about! While most public school children spend endless days exercising their left brain thinking skills, homeschoolers are actively developing right brain skills of imagination, synthesis, design, storytelling, play, caring and purposeful meaning of living. Homeschoolers are very high in emotional intelligence, not only IQ (genetic/academic). Truly the best is a blend of learning that is using the whole-mind, both the right (creative/emphathizer/high concept) and left (knowledge/information/high tech). The strong development of both sides of the brain are paramont in today's world that is global, faster and quickly moving to purposeful, non-material needs in eco-friendly design, creative out-of-the-box solutions and seeking for spiritual/ emotional satisfaction in life.

This past week was so fun for our children, who have been working on a Medieval Drama Movie this past year. Since we live in different states we have to wait for time to visit. The Read's have eight children. The Abbott's have three. We are two homeschool families binded together by the Dads who went to high school and college together. We have been family friends for 25 years, and both are lifelong home schoolers.

It was special on filming night to hear the laughter of 9 children busting up on the 4th, 5th and 6th take of one "actor" continuing to mis-state his name. Also the evil villain actor caused several fun times as he walked robotically across the room or twirled his necklace chain while sitting in his corner table waiting for his part.

I have been reading a lot of wonderful books about brainscience! A new field of study that sythesises many scholarly disciplines together to study the brain. I am thrilled by all the discoveries uncovered by scientist about how the brain is sculpted in the womb and throughout life, but rapidly during childhood. Tell yourself or a mom you love that they are brain scultors. Never knew we had so much skill or influence.

And this is good news for adoptive parents. Everyone really has two moms - the birth mom that give the child her genetic and "in uterus" brain and the daily mom that sculpts the function, and structure of the brain as the child grows. Of course for many blessed children one mother does both mom roles.

Now, 16 years later, I can see one reason God prepared so many families to school their children at home in non-traditional, emotionally/spiritually nurturing, non-textbook, narrative learning styles. We have been on a quest to find joyful living that is not in the rat-race pace of a world spinning out of control. We teach our children to develop solid learning skills that will enable them to be whatever God desire for them to be and encourage them to find their unique bent/giftedness. We understand that no two children are alike and that subject matter can be taught in a variety of ways to make sure your child masters it.

So if you have been wondering, is my child being properly prepared for this 21st century of change - "change you can believe in"? Ask yourself,
  • Is my child's right brain being developed skillfully to meet society's changing needs?
  • Are they able to express themselves creatively, develop opportunities and giftedness and
  • Are they emotionally sensitive to others in the world?
I can say, "YES!" We are far from perfect, but in our mess we have given our children a right brain environment and unconventional/non-institutional education. My children have learned to be thinkers that can articulate their thoughts and beliefs about life and a vas variety of topics. Praise God! For the first time in my homeschool mom life, I feel like a total success!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coming Out of The Closet - Mental Illness

The door is opening! My heart is heavy....I am coming out...time to come clean, be real, face reality. Time to not be ashamed, to be able to explain, to be understood. Time to open up the door and let the guilt fall to the floor (hey, I made a rhyme).

I have a MENTAL ILLNESS! Whew! I said it...I said it...I said it!

Now, get ready, I have DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder........wait, don't leave, I am not really crazy....I am not like Sybil or something....I am really normal most of the time, well, some of the time.....And when I am, I am a whole lot of fun to be around. I love life! I love to laugh! And cry! I love to hug and be held! I love to dance, and sing, and run through the real fresh cut grass without my shoes on (except for those sticky little hard ball like things and those pointy, thorny thistle weeds).

Oops! I got a little lost there!

I love my family- my dear husband of 25 years, my three children, my faithful few friends who have hung in there with me, my siblings, and my Holy Family (Father, Son and Holy Ghost)!

I love daydreaming, journaling, pretending I can draw, fingerpaint, sandcastles, gardens, digging my hand in dirt, being surprised by flowers coming back each year and forgetting they were there and how beautiful they are. I love birds, butterflies, little brown furry rabbits, my cats, and seeing the deer in our backyard along the farm edge.

I love that (as a friend long ago told me) I own as far as I can see in my backyard....that extends way into the open farm field all the way to the thick line of trees way ahead of the river.

I love skies!

I love reading, writing, reading, writing, and a little more reading.

I love photos...even more than videos...because to me pictures speak more.

I love quiet, being still, pausing to hear my own thoughts and those of the Lord.

I love fresh baked bread, and peach cobbler, reeses chopped up in chocolate ice cream and a glass of milk with fresh baked cookies, and my coffee...oh, so many fun ways to enjoy coffee.

So, I have come out of the closet! And you know, I don't think I am that really different from other people....yeah, I may not always be "myself" and respond "appropriately" and feel liked I can take on the world with a smile on my face.....BUT

I have a clear conscious, a right relationship with God, a tender heart for people, and peace...yes, peace - that one quality that everyone around the world is trying to get...World Peace. I have it! And if I just had the chance, if people could just not see what I do wrong, how I act weird at times, I would love to share with anyone how to get it!

That is the kind of person I am! Mental Illness, it is not so bad....and life is certainly brighter on the outside of the closet than when I was hiding inside.

Have you ever needed to come out of the closet or someone you love? Can you relate?