Sunday, September 13, 2009

President or King Obama?

The President of the United States is not a King! While he should be presidential in maintaining the respect of the highest office of our Republic, and thereby respected in likewise manner. We the People do not give deference to our president as one does to a King or Queen, Royalty of a Nation. Barack Husien Obama or his supporters should not be shocked by the response he is receiving as he continues to rally in campaign-furor leading chanting crowds of supporters and attacking quips to those dare oppose him.

Gathering opposing view emails and website by gestapo-style 'reporting of fishy' material to the white house, "KGB" video taping of tea party rally participants, and mass e-mailing unsolicited propaganda-syle leaflets flying into email boxes of defending the President's HealthCare truths are not constitutional or the American way of an Executive Branch, White House, protocol. This is vastly different from previous administrations.

So I am not surprised we are seeing vastly different reactions, such as "you lie" comments coming from representatives of opposing views being forced to listen to Presidential spin on His Healthcare in calling a rarely used Presidential address to a joint session of Congress, formly only used at times like the aftermath of 9/11!

The wield of Executive power over the past 9 months has crossed its legal bounds and in many ways looks more like a King, a Despotic, than an American President.

We need to view the whole picture, not one still frame at a time.

There is mounting evidence that this administration is strikingly non-American in its day to day function, plans, and swift-moving force down our throats agenda. We have already swallowed a $1Trillion '2-day rush, don't read, to-pass' spending bill under the guise of stimulus spending. How much medication must an American be forced to take before they are applauded for standing up and speaking out boldly for our Constitutional freedoms?

I applaud Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, who pointed and said, "You lie!" I personally would have done no less, and frankly the framers of our constitution gave us the freedom to be able to do this when dire situations arise, as they certainly have in 2009.

Never forget there is a sin of silence! I proudly stand up and say, "Don't Tread on Me! or My Republic, America!" I would proudly serve my country without pay, or any desire for private gain, to insure Her Liberty!

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