Saturday, October 3, 2009

Easy Solution for Racism

"Racist" is a word being thrown around widely today. People who disagree with the values, thoughts, ideas or morals of someone can be quickly called 'racist' if the person is dark skinned.

Is it possible that people may actually not agree with a person's life values/goals/agenda and it has nothing to do with skin color? Yes! Many people actually really do listen to what others' say and do,without giving any weight to skin color, when making decisions of whether to identify with or agree with the person.

Is it also possible that people may actually not agree with a person just based on their skin color regardless to the person's life values/goals/agenda and it has everything to do with skin color? Yes! These people regardless of their skin color are racist. Anyone who uses color of skin to identify with or separate out others are racist.

So what is the solution for racism?

Thus, the answer to racism is to believe and apply the history of the human race as given in Scripture. If every person were to accept that:

They are all equal before God,
All humans are descendants of Adam,
All people are sinners in need of salvation,
Everyone needs to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their life,
Each person must build his or her thinking on God’s Word,
All behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, etc. should be judged against the absolutes of God’s Word, no matter what culture one is from—

then the problem of racism would be solved.

(This is taken from the wonderful book, One Blood, by Ken Ham, Carl Wieland and Don Batten)

People are different colors not due to being a different race! We are all of the human race and we are ALL descendants of Adam, created by God and in need of God's grace and Christ's death, burial and resurrection to be saved from our sins.

What makes difference in skin color is having more or less melanin in skin cells - period! It has absolutely nothing to do with behavior, intelligence, ability, giftedness, or any other quality chosen as a measure. Skin color truly is skin deep! If we all could educate ourselves, our families, our students, our churches, our communities, our Nation, and everyone in the world - We would finally embrace the truth that we are all human, children of God, and have different amounts of melanin in our skin cells.

The problem of racism is a problem of education! We are not different races! We have different people groups, different heritages, different environments, different traditions, different beliefs, different goals, different values, different abilities/talents/gifts, and yes, different SKIN COLOR!

Skin color does not make or break a person. It is the cover of a book. You can't judge a book by its color. And you certainly can't judge a human by skin color!

Skin Color Does Not Identify Humans.

This is a truth that needs to be embraced by humans of all color. Whiter skin, darker skin,
medium skin - people with any and every skin tone - need to reject clubs, organizations, contest, societies that base membership and acceptance on skin color. This is one of the biggest things we can do to begin bringing unity to people of a variety of skin color.

There is one race - HUMAN!

Everyone should stop marking race as what skin color you may be. Stop checking those little boxes that are not accurate and check 'Other' and write in 'Human' on the line. This would go very far in stopping discrimination. Let people who discriminate find another way to separate from people. Don't give them the use of untruthful statistical facts of skin color. No reverse discrimination can occur if we all mark human as our race and it is the only truthful answer.

Africa is a Continent not a type of person!

There are seven continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North American, South American). Continents are not a race. Continents are landmasses of the earth. A human's race is not defined by continent they are born in or that their parents were born in. Race is based on genetic DNA. Amazingly no matter what continent a person is born in or what skin color a person may have, human DNA cannot be separated/sorted by skin color!

We are really much more alike then we have been taught and the continent of my familyline is not my race.

Textbooks need to be re-written to be accurate and truthful.

Any textbook that speaks of people being of different races is inaccurate, and any textbooks that discuss people be "race color" are racist! Textbooks that are inaccurate and racist should be removed from all public schools. Truth must be taught. DNA studies are available to testify to these facts and must not be ignored or not taught because it might not be socially accepted.

For more information look at this link - Adamic Race Paradigm Shift

So now that you know these facts and the truth about race, what are YOU going to DO?


  1. Oh! This reminds me...I ought to post something I read in college recently - correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Banneker, an African American astronomer and mathematician. Neat stuff.

    The problem is that when people accepted evolution, they developed a scientific excuse for racism (though 'tis pseudo science indeed). The Bible presents a totally non-racist view because of our common heritage with Adam and Eve (and Noah, after the Great Flood) - and we are all one in Christ Jesus when we are Saved.


  2. You said, "Anyone who uses color of skin to identify with or separate out others are racist."

    Acknowleding that we as people come in different colors is not being "racist." God created us that way too. Try reading a definition of "racist" from an older dictionary and not the politically correct ones of today and perhaps you'll get a more true definition. While I agree with part of your blog, as a "white" person by birth, the grandparent of biracial children and the friend of many people of different and mixed races, I strongly disagree with your declarations of what is "racist." There is a difference in being racial and racist. Maybe we should declare the word "racist" as offensive as some of the other vile words declared offensive by today's culture. But sadly it's much more common to declare anyone who has a viewpoint about race as "racist."

  3. D'Lynne,

    While I thank you very much for reading the article and posting a comment, I think the problem you are having with the sentence is that you removed it from the paragraph and isolated it, therefore, taking it out of context.

    This is a very common problem and why I try hard to not respond to a quote until I have heard the entire story, speech, answer, comment, etc.

    It is quite clear from the beginning sentence of this paragraph that I was talking about people who judge people based simply on the color of skin and not on who they are as a person. If a person falls in this category, they are very racist.

    So I must stand be the final sentence of that paragraph that simply was emphasizing that you should never make an assessment on a person, decide to associate with or not associate with a person, or be party to including or excluding other based on the amount of melanin that someone's skin cells contain.

    We, humans, do come in different colors and that is God's beauty of being such a fabulous Creative Father. He actually created us with the ability to have a range of skin color and based on our behaviors and environment (usually how much time we spend in the sun) determine the color tone. Over century the range of color possibility is genetically passed down - one set from each parent.

    I am not trying to define the definition of racist from a dictionary or from political correctness. I am simply applying Biblical fact with scientific DNA/ genetic fact. The fact is God made everyone, We are all equal in His eyes. We all came from the same bloodline - Adam/Eve and latter Noah's family. And we are all able to become His adopted children by the same blood, Christ's blood shed at one time for all people.

    My point is "If you look at a person's skin and make a decision about that person or make a scholarship or club based on the pigmentation of a skin cell (having more or less melanin) is flat out wrong." And yes, it makes the person a racist...someone who makes a judgment about a person based on cell pigmentation. This is a person that judge others good or bad due to skin cell pigmentation amounts in any tone.

    We need to learn to open the book cover and read the book before we make a conscious or unconscious attempt to classify the book in any way. This will take a God-sized change of mind, will and soul/heart. It is much easier said then done, and frankly, will probably be repulsive to many.

    We all bleed red blood and we are all saved by His atoning red blood. He has no partiality in how He feels about or treats His children. And neither should we, because we should be seeking to have the mind of Christ, continually renewing our minds with His truth, which leads of actions. We do/act on what we believe to be true.


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