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Is ACLU looking out for your rights?

The Tennessean, one of my local newspapers, had a headline stating that ACLU's Winberg has been keeping her eye on our rights - I so disagree!

ACLU’s Winberg does not keep her eyes on my rights, though she might be keeping her eye on ‘your’ rights. Speak for yourself and not the readership as a whole. ACLU strongly protects the rights of non-Christians, homosexuals, and others wanting sexual liberties to have sex when and with whomever they want. Christians want Biblical standard protected: sanctity of life, marriage as one man and one woman and freedom of speech and religious expression in public life.

Working in TN she herself stated that “TN continues to be a battleground for the radical religious right” and she has fought ‘those people’ throughout her career. Well, in TN ‘those people’, people whose lives are radically changed because they know Jesus as their Lord and Savior are most of the people in the Tennessean readership. So it is not only a lie that she is keeping her eye on ‘our’ rights, but very insulting that her life pursues are glorified in huge spread article/interview on the cover of the Issues section on Sunday, November 22, 2009. Christian do have rights, and more than most believe because ACLU lawyers are famous for threatening government, school authorities and any public exercise of Christian beliefs that are in contrast to their agenda. Christians do have the right to speak about their faith in Jesus and his impact in their academic, athletic and life as it pertains to public life in government or public schools.

I will keep informing people of their constitutional rights so they know how to exercise them, and not let them ‘die on the vine’. Christians do not want to take anyone’s freedom away. There needs to be truthful education to what rights are guaranteed under the Bill of rights and what it means in practical terms. There is no place in elementary school for education on being gay. This is not education, it is indoctrination often that run diametrically against the teachings and beliefs of many families served by public education. Children are taught that their parent’s religious beliefs are wrong – how dare anyone in a school undermine the freedom of religious beliefs!

Of course, Winberg wants to see generations of children taught her secular anti-Christian beliefs, and hopes this will empower them to be activist for her convictions. Maybe she should start a church of her own and teach these ‘religious beliefs’ in her own Sunday School classes and preach it from the pulpit of those who want to follow her beliefs. Of course, our constitution fully give her this freedom of speech and religion, but that is not her desire.

She is driven to see children taught as early as possible her ‘beliefs’ to be truth for everyone. Yes, I two, would love for others to know the truth about God, but I do not want to indoctrinate. God is able to draw people to Himself, and His Truths. Today anti-bullying classes are simply a cover for teaching about homosexuality. My son was bullied in elementary school for being courteous, saying yes, maim and allowing girls to go first. There are so few students that are bullied for being gay comparatively for all of the other different reason, but these activist want to use curriculum like this to teach their ‘spiritual-life beliefs’ and worldview. I don't want anyone to be bullied, and teaching people to love others despite differences is what needs to be taught. It is a universal message that flows out of the understanding that humans are created by a loving God, not some evolved blob of cells. Teaching these truths elevated humans to being priceless treasures that should be treated equally with love and respect.

Just because someone makes a statement it is not a guarantee that what they say is truthful. And just because her statements are in print doesn't validate them...don't believe everything you read. Many statements given by Winberg in the article are flat out lies. The ACLU is not about being committed to equal protection under the law for all people. And they do pick and choose their cases. For example, I believe and will publicly state the homosexuality, abortion and pre-marital sex is a sin in the eyes of God in the Holy Bible. Jesus taught we are to love the sinner but to hate the sin.

Since we are all sinners, I never see myself better than others only blessed to be forgiven and saved by grace. I am a sinner saved and always will be. Will Winberg be committed to protect my freedom of speech and religious freedom to make such statements in public schools, public forums and government property? I am not telling people what they need to believe I am simply testifying about my faith. Since I am a Christian, my faith affects everything I say and do, every breath I take. My life Bible verse is “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Can Winberg give one case she has worked on in her 25 year career with ACLU to protect someone with beliefs similar to mine? No, because she calls me part of the “radical religious right.” I am radical because I am a radically changed person due to Jesus Christ coming into my life. I have a relationship with God so that would make me what people would call 'religious'. And I aim to do what I right in the eyes of God! So go ahead - make my day - call me radical, religious and right!

I hate no one, but I do hate sin that puts people in bondage to lies and destroys families. I understand that everyone is precious and a special treasure to God, created in His image. I know that each person is created by God in the womb of his mother, and that people never have to freedom to take the life of another human because to do so as in abortion is murder. When you stop teaching the lie that people evolved from animals but that each is specially created by God for a purpose and a hope in their future, it is crystal clear that God is the only One Who choices the time of anyone’s life or death. The only reason to condone abortion is to eliminate the result of sexual liberty to have sex whenever you want and at whatever age, casual dating, affairs, cohabiting and outside of marriage.

Why do you think liberal men want abortion legal? Do you really think they care about the women they want to have sex with? Do they want abortion available for themselves or for women? Let's face the true, if man truly loved a women he would not be having 'casual' sex. He would want to cherish her, make a commitment to her for life and honor her through waiting to have sex until they are married. He would not want to use, abuse, and dump women to move on to the next conquest. I am not saying it is only the fault of men, truly some women want care-free sex, but often women fall into this because they want to feel loved. Abortion removes the unwanted consequence to people who selfishly want to have sexual liberty without responsibility.

A civilization that kills millions of unwanted infants within the women womb under a lie of a way to take care of a ‘problem’ is crumbling under a lack of basic moral and total disregard to life! Where is Winberg protecting these human beings that are so very vulnerable and without a voice? Since she does not live in the belief of a God Worldview, she ignores Him and His teachings. But simply not believing in God or the Bible does not make Him any less who He truly is, we do not create reality by what we believe. Truths are absolute, and not subjective to a person’s feelings, desires or beliefs. We do not create reality by what we think...only God can speak or think reality into existence. My faith in God does not make Him real. He is Whom He is regardless of what I or anyone else believes. I can deny a truth, but it does not make it go away in reality.

If you agree with the thoughts I have shared check out, and consider signing your name to this declaration. I signed it along with 50,000 and signatures are growing each day. We do not need to surrender our Country to people who love power and money. It is high time we each become better educated and that we take a stand for what we believe. We need public virtue to be taught and understood. Americans have a high calling - we are blessed by God - and therefore we are responsible to Him and our Country to preserve the freedoms He has already provided for each and every American.

How are you going to respond?

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  1. Amen! Excellent points, and thanks for the Manhattan Declaration link!

    I'm always wondering how we can make time for getting the American people informed and rallied up when they are constantly drowned by 24/7 media that doesn't even care for basic human rights and acts like it has such intelligent opinions. It is so wearying.

    But interestingly enough, the nominee experience of Imaginate That in the Homeschool Blog Awards gave me an idea...

    I'll have to try it out after this semester is over.



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