Monday, December 26, 2011

Never Met Expectations - Letter From The King

Letters From the King
Dear Child,
I know you are hurting. It is hard when you know you have blown it, especially when those you love let you know that you could have responded better. Feeling like a failure, you ponder what is the use of trying, giving or living. You hear understanding, love and acceptance when you kneel before Me, but as soon as you get up and try to move on, people in your life are all too ready to correct you and tell you how much you missed the goal in your Christian walk.
You will never be able to be an example of Christ-like perfection. Even in total reliance on Me or more honestly, in casual reliance on Me, the very best you have to offer must be bathed in the covering of My grace. I know you. When I look to you, I see the righteousness of Christ, not all of your shortcomings and failures. I see who you are in Christ and all the wonder I created you to be. Most people don't know how to see others with such great love.
Never see yourself through the eyes of others. See yourself through My eyes, which are so more loving, graceful and able to know the truth of your soul. You weep inward because you disappoint others outwardly. Rarely if ever will you have a person in your life that will see you as I do. The sin in your life that is so easy for others to conquer is not their own sin. Every person struggles with personal failures, and hidden sins. It is easy to boast in areas you do good, and to cover or ignore the deepest struggles of your own will.
Be humble when you sin, confess it, repent and receive My grace. Some people would desire you to go through some kind of purgatory to pay for your sins, but that is not my way. Though people may question your ability to walk in My forgiveness and grace, I don't not want you to wallow in sin or beat yourself up. Once you have repented and received my forgiveness and grace, lift you your head and walk in the mercies that are new each day. Others my try to chain you to pass failures, because you don't meet their expectations, but I sent Jesus in the world so that you would experience freedom from the bondage of sin.
It is easy for sinners to cast stones at others, especially at My children, who are not yet sinless. Don't pretend to be sinless. Remind others that you are a sinner saved by grace, and able to be forgiven and walk in my mercy. The key is to live your life to please Me and My expectations of you.
Live life confident that you are My work in progress. And whether others accept it or not, you - being my child- get to walk in forgiveness and grace. It is a blessing of being My daughter. Don't let others take these blessing from you. Jesus came to earth to live a life as a man so that He may die personally sinless a death of a sinner for all who sin that you might as frequently as needed receive forgiveness, acceptance and beautiful grace from Me, Your Father God.
When you come to Me with a broken and contrite heart, you meet My expectations, and you will leave My presence totally restored. Walk in this truth - and be set free to live unto Me.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby in the Manger, Baby in the Womb

Jesus was a baby placed in the manger after he was born, but His life started in Mary's womb.

Most of us know His story, It is the Christmas story! 

The Angel visited Mary nine months prior to Jesus's birth. Jesus was placed within her womb. He, being the seed of God, His only begotten son, was like an infant growing in his mother. Jesus was Father God's ONLY begotten son; God took the form of human flesh. Think about the Bible story, did Mary ever question whether the child growing in her womb was an actual baby? Did she and Joseph think about Jesus before He was born as a non-person? At what point from conception was Mary carrying the living God in her womb? Did his human life begin the moment he was birthed and placed in the manger? Or was He a living human being at conception? At what point did Jesus become human?

Jesus is God. He is the creator, He was present in the beginning of time on earth. God is spirit and truth.

But when Jesus entered Mary's womb, He took on the form of life that is human, actual flesh of a person. He became a God-man. At conception, the human cells of Jesus began to rapidly multiply. Tissue formed into organs. His body grew as the DNA code directed the process. His lungs, heart, eyes, fingers shaped. And his heart pumped blood from Mary's body into His body bring nourishment and removing any waste. The food and oxygen taken in by Mary helped his tissues and organs to grow. He moved about, kicked Mary's belly and could hear sounds.

Mary was an unmarried young lady. She was pregnant with a child. Her mother learned of what happen as Mary tried to explain what the angel spoke to her. Joseph was torn apart, heart broken, when he first heard. He couldn't bear to think of the shame Mary would feel when people would accuse her of being adulterous. He wanted to protect his future wife.

Stop Here-For a moment! Freeze the story of Jesus that we know from the Bible. And let us time travel forward....

We are current day, 21st Century America. Now let's suppose Mary, a teen, grew up in your neighborhood.  She had a boyfriend, and they were to be married when she finished high school. Her family was known to be godly. She had gone to one of the local churches since she was baby and so had her boyfriend. But something happen to Mary, she became pregnant!

Her parents loved her and wanted so much for her to have a happy life. They had been saving for years so that she could go to college and she was a very good student. Her boyfriend, a few years older, was already working in his father's business. He had a modest income and had purchased property in their parent's city and looked forward to building a house and having a family, but not this way! Everything they had ever dreamed of was messed up. Mary's boyfriend particularly did not want her ridiculed or for her to hang her head low in shame.

They family considered the options:

  1. Mary could stop high school and carry the baby to term. They could have a small wedding and become very young parents. They would be financially in the hole. It would costs thousands of dollars to take care of Mary while she was pregnant and to prepare for a child. Mary would probably have to stay home and eventually get her GED. They would have to sacrifice so much. (This would be the hardest option. It meant so much they planned would never happen.) 
  2. Mary could go visit a relative in another city or move into a pregnancy center home and give the baby up for adoption. This could be costly, but they may be able to get an agency to help with the cost... maybe even the adoptive family could help out. They could tell a story about her going to help a sick relative. (This would be hard on Mary, but after she returned they could get back to life as best as they could, and they could continue on with their dreams eventually. Things would be different but it would not be totally disruptive.)
  3. Mary could go to a clinic and pay about $500 to have the child's life terminated by an abortion. (This would be the easiest. No one would have to know. Mary could go in on a Friday and probably by Monday she could return to school. She could even take off a few days calling in sick. In a week or so, the situation would be behind them. They could still have all of their plans and dreams.)
Imagine you are Mary's best friend (or her boyfriend's best friend, or her parents best friend), what would you suggest for Mary to do?

Over 40 million babies have been aborted in America over the past 40 years. Often more than a million little children are killed by abortion. The unplanned pregnancy is ended promptly. Do you see any problem with Mary having an abortion? If you knew she was carrying Jesus would you do something to STOP her from having an abortion? Why, he was only growing in her womb, he wasn't recognized by the government as a person having rights to life? 

How do you feel about this? How does this effect your opinion of abortion? Is any child in the womb today less of a person than Jesus was in Mary's womb? What should you do about the children being aborted today as you read this? 

In America, every minute 2-3 children are aborted. Is that alright? Is it acceptable? Is it something you should get involved to stop? 

What if Jesus being born depended on what you did about abortion today? What would you do immediately?

Please respond. You may help someone rethink their situation. You can make a difference in the life of the child in the womb. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Well Done! A Letter From The King

Dear Child,
I don't judge the way the world does. I look into the heart of each and see who is truly surrendered to live their life under My Lordship. Some will choose to live life selfishly doing what they want, seeking to satisfy their desires or to be "big" in the eyes of others. Dear Child, I want you to live to the fullest. When you live sacrificially, giving your will to Me, you join Me in kingdom work. Trust Me,  I will produce the increase.
You might not be able to see the growth produced in the hearts of others as you serve Me, but in trusting Me, leave the effect of your obedience to Me. I will produce the increase as you walk in faith with Me. Never allow the world's judgment to cloud your obedience remembering that people can't see what I can see, and often they don't know what I have told you. Listen for My voice. I will guide you through life.
You are not in a competition for My love or approval, so don't compare your part in kingdom work to others. I love each of My children without partiality. I want all of my precious children to be conformed daily into the image of Jesus, becoming more single-minded toward Me, separated unto Me.
To be faithful, in surrendering to Me, you must spend time with Me. The things of the world will constantly compete for your attention and heart. This is a competition you must resist in-order to  grow in knowing Me and allowing Me to teach you.  In doing so, you will always be living your life to do My good and perfect will, and  you will hear Me proclaim to you, "Well done, My good and faithful servant! Well done!"

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I AM says it all

God calls Himself, "I Am." How simple! How vague! How bold!

Jesus Came into the World as a Man so that We could know God personally!

We all have times in life that we feel alone, unloved, small, even unnecessary. But interestingly, God never once sees us this way. I wish that everyone in the entire world could just once see themselves through God's own eyes.

As He looks at you He says, "I cherish you! You are valuable and have a purpose I have given you. In your future is hope."

Um, you taking to me? The thought waves must have crossed, something cause an interference. I am sure He couldn't be speaking to me... 

God persists, "Yes, you! I love you! I know about it all, and even still after all the missteps, after all the things you have done, I want you... to know Me. I want you to 
have a relationship with Me, to seek Me, to let Me give to you."


How many times a day does God have this kind of exchange with a person? 

Did He speak to you today, or maybe you can recall the details of another day He met with you in a divine moment. 

The beauty of God's purpose for our life is that no matter what comes at us or what we do to detour it, He finds a miraculous way of using all of it together for our good! I marvel at this!

I recently wrote to my brother in response to his sadness and stress, "I know you have so many responsibilities.I can't imagine what it means to be a man. The weight of carrying the welfare of others. I guess, I would not be able to take one step without in my soul seeing God standing right with me walking stride by stride. He'd be carrying that load, instead of me. This would be the only way I could still be me and breath, and grow. It would definitely cause me to press more into Him."

While women have their own responsibilities in life, I don't think we can ever quite imagine what it means to be a man. I guess it is the same for men. Womanhood is a foggy concept at best, a bit too emotional lens, to truly be seen by a man.

But God has the 'google-map' view of the entire world (each and every man and women and child) in His mind... at all levels of zooming in and out... at all times. Nothing happens that He doesn't see or hear. But He can see deeper than "google-map." He even sees into our buildings/homes/any other structures, and more than that He clearly percieves our heart--our very being. To me, it is mind boggling to imagine His inmeasurable abilities.

I guess that is why He chose 'I AM'... in those two words... three little letters He said it all!

Do you recall a time you heard God speak to you? Do you want to share it? I would love to hear.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life In The Dash

I sometimes wish I didn't have to be concerned about big issues like the world!  

Our country - liberty - abortion - illiterate - deception - corruption - hurting people - war - abuse...

But once God has opened your eyes and then moves upon you to learn, act, speak, or write, you have a responsibility. To whom much that has been given much is required.

My Beautiful Niece - Emily is a Missionary in Bolivia!

Life would be easier if I was a bobble head. And had cotton candy for a brain.

But, I would miss out on touching so many on the soul/spirit level, and on growing with God as the sculptor of my soul.

I know God created me to write, and knowing this brings great fulfillment in my soul when I am able to do what I was created to do by God. 

I write about what God shows me and lays on my heart. I may never be understood ... that is OK. I may never fully understand myself.

Who in their right mind wants to take on mind boggle issues/ to stand in the gap/ to enter spiritual warfare/ to be a lighting rod??? I would much prefer to tend a backyard garden, take pictures, write creatively, repurpose finds that others see as trash... but when I remember that I am only passing through this physical world- just living in the dash - between my date born - the date I died, I want to live for eternal purposes.

Beautiful Flower in Bolivia - My heart is so at peace in God's Creations!

I chose to serve God so that as many people on the earth as possible 
has the opportunity:

  • to life (protection from being aborted and from abuse), 
  • to be free--to have the liberty to choose to live according to their conscience, 
  • to be able to know God and, if desired, 
  • to choose to be His (and to live eternal life with God). 
Eternity is too long to not care about other people, and how they will spend eternity.
 It is not enough for me to know I will spend eternity in heavenly paradise with God. I am living in the dash, so I still have a purpose for being here on earth.

What do you feel called to do in life?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Save Yourself!

Recently, I had someone write to me in deep concern. They were afraid that I had fallen entrapped to the toxic teachings of Religion and dogma, and by doing so I was going from 
one prison (a childhood of domestic violence to a rigid faith in a God teaching religion). 

She warned me, "Save yourself!" 

So as I usually do, I took the time to respond to her sincere concern for my wellbeing. And while writing her back I became filled with love--overwhelmed by God and very thankful for the relationship with Him that I so am blessed to have. He is everything to me, and fills all of the needs I have in life. I only wish others knew Him, not for what they think He is, but for who He really is: a holy, just, giving, loving, protective, approachable, healing Person. So I am sharing my response to her with you, below:

A Relationship - In Love - God and Me

I so do see the reality that I was a victim of domestic violence in many of the worst ways possible, short of being not in a domestic home but more like being in a torturous concentration camp being lead by wicked people who smiled and laughed while they carried out horrid violent acts and spewed hateful venomous words.
So, Yes, I have always seen it for what it really was since high school when my high school counselor told me, "Lindy, this is not normal. This does not happen every night or any night in other people's homes. This is severe child abuse." Unfortunately, I was not removed from this home (it was many years ago and the protective law were not yet enforced in the town I grew up like I have heard they were in many Northern and Urban cities.)
I will never let religion/dogma, toxic faith, false humility entrap me! But I also know that I can never save myself.
I must have poorly communicated. Actually, I have been saved by grace (a gift I do not deserve because in life I too have been a sinner, not a holy righteous person). God has forgiven me for all of my sins and by my faith in Jesus (the Godman who lived a sinless life, therefore was able to righteously deserve eternal heaven life. But instead of saving Himself, He willingly died for me and you and every single person who frankly can not and has not lived sinless. We all will never deserve eternal life or be able to save ourselves).
I don't have a religion! Matter of fact, I have a lot of frustration with churches in general and religions.
Instead of religion, I have a beautiful relationship with GOD Himself.
I know Him as my loving, providing, listening, and giving Father Who is always available to me. I enjoy the guidance and protection from His Spirit that dwells within me. He counsels me, teaches me, and comforts me. And I deeply love Jesus, who I am intimately related to, as anyone would be for someone who died for them. I love Him so much and He loves me. 
So, you see, no trap, no prison, there is nothing I need to be saved from. I think from my life experiences I would recognize the difference between living in freedom and bondage; It is probably why almost every church I have been part of makes me a little sad, feeling like someone has cut my wings to keep me from flying high and being who God created me to be.
Thank you so much for you dear concern. I am glad I had the opportunity to share more deeply with you. And it is always nice to know someone loves enough to reach out in your best interest. Thank you.
dearly, Lindy

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letters From The King - Competition

Dear Child,
So much of life in the world is a competition. You need to be careful how you approach competitions, since they are judged by other people. I don't want you to be a people-pleaser. I do want you to live your life to please Me. Being a winner in My eyes can take the pressure off of worrying about what others say and how they judge.
Don't get Me wrong; competition can be good for many reasons. It helps you to understand that you will be rewarded in heaven for the work you do for Me on earth. Do you remember the parable of the talents in Scripture? Each person was given a different amount of money and the owner returned to see how each used their talents, an amount equal to a yearly wage.
The one given five talents invested it wisely and earned five more. The one given two also invested it wisely and earned two more. But the one give one talent was afraid of losing his portion so he buried it. In life you each have a portion entrusted to you by Me. The way you invest it is important.
If you have a real, personal relationship with Me, you can listen to Me and I will lead you in the ways you can best use what I have given you. When you are obedient to Me you always win, and will be greatly rewarded with more in heaven.
The one who was afraid didn't know Me. He thought I was a hard man. You know I am holy, just and loving, He judged Me without taking time to draw near and develop a relationship with  Me. Even if he would have done the very least with what he had been given, simply putting it in a bank to receive interest, the talent would have had increased. Don't bury what I give you. Use it for Kingdom purposes.
You are only responsible for being faithful with what I give you, so do not compared yourself to what others are given or do. Walking in faith, knowing I will guide you every step of the day as you seek My desire for your life. Rest knowing you are never in a competition for My love. All I have is yours. You are the apple of My eye.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

(This is a Letter Written for the point of view of God talking to his child. I hope you enjoy it, and it can minister to you to know your King.)