Friday, October 19, 2012

Look Through His Eyes

Look -

This is the word for this week's Five Minute Friday! I began at 11:25 and finished at 11:30. Five minutes to write about the word - Look. I hope you enjoy.

When is the last time you really stopped long enough to look?

The old saying was to 'stop and smell the roses' but in our busy lives of today we rarely even go slow enough to look.

Not a glance, and quickly turn away, but a long steady gaze - long enough to be still and hear God speak His message to your heart.

Look - the leaves on the trees are turning colors, the squirrels are packing up the acorns, the deer are strolling out at dusk, and the black birds are migrating in huge flocks heading for warm.

Did you see - the tear roll down her face, the way she blushed when his name was brought up, how tense he got when money was discussed, how she walked away when abortion was the topic?

Do you feel and hear when you look?

Do you see only with your eyes and not with your heart and mind?

God has a view - if we choose we can see through His Spiritual eyes. Do you really want to see? Stop and look with your soul, seek more than the surface reflection imagining in the back of your eyes... see deep, look through His eyes.

A whole new world can open up for you and ministry will naturally abound when you really take time to look and notice what is really before your eyes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guardians of The Faith

In every age God raises up believers to be the 'guardians of the faith'. In our present age, society widely believes that individual people can have their own interpretation of truths - in a sense - their own idea of who God is, what is His purpose and how does He relate to us. This attempt to be tolerating of other's personal beliefs -- respectful of any beliefs leads to the assumption that all doctrines of faith in "god" are on an equal basis, but this assumption is not congruent with God's own Words.

God knows all truths, His thoughts are higher than ours. While we can not know everything, we have all the Truth we need to know within the pages of the Bible. We can reason together, but we will never be all-knowing as God, nor are will or will we ever become God. The desire to be God - in essence thinking you return to a God-ness state is the great falling point of Satan - He wanted to be a god, and so did Eve and Adam - this is a great evil sin.

Even before the birth of Christ there have been people who rise up as Leaders/Teacher, 'knowing' individuals, of a secret knowledge/truth that is available only to the sincere seekers. Once a person listens and embraces these secret teachings they think of themselves as superior spiritual souls to other spiritual/religious believers.

These Leaders appeal to the human desire to know something that think others are unable or unwilling to know. 

Once a person is won over to their journey of faith, they become in a sense puffed up with self-importance that they were advanced enough to see the light - to learn the secret of living that others are not seeing. It is very important to be wary of "secret teachings" that are only given to those who advance in a group with the concept of the more you are committed to the group the more you are entrusted by the Leader to know - the more knowledge you are told because you are evolving higher spiritually. These are age old teachings of Gnosticism.

Clearly, God's Word and Truth was taught openly in the public, nothing is kept a secret. 

Anyone who wants to know is told and all truths are available to all believers - regardless if the leaders/teachers in the church deem the person to be a new believer or a mature believer. All the truth we need in life is clearly written in the Bible. It is plainly spoken and ready to be studied by all people who desire to know God more and to have a more intimate relationship with him. In Christianity there should be no hierarchies of people - we are all God's children - we are all an important necessary part of the body of Christ - of the universal Christian Church.

Here I will list 7 very simple apologies (explanation of the teachings) of Biblical truths:

  • A loving, ever-present, self-existant God created the good and perfect world.
  • The world became corrupt through sin (what is evil and opposed to God).
  • Adam- the 1st innocent man- became sinful yielding to temptation of the spiritual evil one who desires to be worshipped over God.
  • Adam's fall- and ours - has been undone/reversed through the provision of the 2nd innocent man - Jesus Christ - the new adam.
  • The physical body is not evil, nor is nature abounding in the world.
  • At the last day, believers (who accept Christ act of grace to reconcile all to God and willing to live obedient to glorify God) will have both their bodies and soul raised from the dead.
  • Believers will live with God FOREVER and ever into all eternity in a good and perfect place with no sin, temptation or corruption because the spiritual evil one and all of his spiritual workers (demons) will be cast into an everlasting place of containment - the fiery pit of hell.
These are the most basic truths in Scripture. If one believes each of these to be true, they should long to join with God in a vibrant, personal relationship to know Him more, to love Him, to serve His purpose and to enjoy every moment in His presence and provision. 

Do you believe?
Do you have questions about one of these 7 statements?
Do you have love ones that believe they are following secret spiritual teachings and are therefore, knowing?
Do you live life in a way that testifies how you believe, or simply, would someone who newly met you quickly be able to tell that you firmly hold to these 7 truths or would they be confused as to what you believe?
Have you been told not to explain God's teachings because He does not need you to defend Him or argue Biblical points?
Do you think it is possible to explain these statements of faith without being attacking or negative, but remaining loving while explaining basic facts according to God's Word?
Do you think the Holy Spirit, living within, can empower you to speak these truths in a way that your argument would deal a deadly blow to false teachings of our day?

These are questions we must each consider if we are believers. Is God asking you to be a present day Guardian of The Faith?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race For Our Life 2012

We are in the midst of a presidential election. some people say they hate politics so they avoid it, but we live in a country where we are represented in our government by who we elect. Every year there is some kind of campaign race, somebody promising us the stars to be our candidate and then often when they secure the job they find out it is not so easy to deliver on their promises. I think they realize that they don't have all-power to fulfill the dreams they laid before us as a candidate.

God -on the other hand - is not in a race for our support. He offers Himself and His promises. He delivers on His promises and He does have the power to fulfill what He says He will do.

Satan thinks he is still in the race to garner our affections. He had read the end of the Book, but he pretends (lies to himself and everyone else) that it is not coming true. He would rather live in his lies than to face the truth.

Are we sometimes like that? Are candidates? Do they live in lies and prefer to not function in truths to win our allegiance - our vote?

Some people think God is not concerned about politics... those people can't be reading the same Bible I own. God is the God of people, but also over Nations. He is very interested in who our leaders are and most often He allows us to have the leaders we deserve.

In the end, the race will not be about who becomes President or some other representative of the people. The final race - the good race - that we are each daily running is to live for God's glory in everything we do. God is interested in every aspect of our life - nothing goes unnoticed - nothing is unimportant.

Seek God in all things, seek to know Him and His truth, believe what He says, He keeps His promises because He alone is able to fulfill all that He says He will do - He is faithful. In these truths we can rest and make the foundation of our life.


This is a Five Minute Friday post. Yes, today is Tuesday... I am a few days late, but I have written this post in five minutes on the topic: RACE. If you like to write check out the site. It is fun to read what others have written in five minutes about a word given at midnight on every Friday night.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome Even the Suffering

"Welcome!" is a warm greeting... an immediate sense of coming home. We love to welcome what is good, but in this world God does not promise us that we will always have bright sunny days and an overflow of money in our accounts... we are not even promised to have a job or good health.

One thing we are promised is that in this life like Jesus Christ did we will suffer. How many of us can welcome that concept?

But we all knew it is true - sadly... hurt has touched us all whether we are a little child that has fallen and skinned his knees or a grown brave solider who just took at bullet for his Nation in a war. We know this place called earth is not really our home. We sense it every time we hold a dear friend who is at a loss in life or when we mess like we have messed up a relationship by words rashly spoken.

We pretend we have a welcoming place here - in our home, in our hearts and in our hope.

The truth of it is... we know deep inside... we hold our hope in the fact that when we take our last breathe here on earth, our next one will be really the one we having been waiting to welcome... all the days of our life.

Oh, Father God thank you for preparing for me a place that will in the end make sense of all the times I have had to welcome suffering into my life.


This is my second time to participate in the Five Minutes Friday.

The word this week was WELCOME.

We each get five minutes to write on the topic, whatever comes out is to be uncensored and unedited. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Get On With It - Stop Majoring in the Minors

My life has turned upside down for a little bit. 

Gena Suarez's Baby Son Zion! Goodness in Difficult Times

My daughter, 15, has been ill since early August. We have new Dr appointments coming up in the next three weeks. We may have possibly discovered what she has - a disorder called 'autonomic dysfunction' of the autonomic system in the body that regulates blood pressure, heart beat, temperature, etc. We are looking hopeful toward meeting the research team at the Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center in a few weeks. Basically she has been at home and on the sofa for nearly two months, falling behind in High School.

Also last week a young man, 20, shot himself in an act of suicide. He was the husband to be of a dear friend's daughter and his family also is in our community of faithful believers. Of course, life stops when something like this happens. 

And, my son (19) is still in basic training in GA. We have talked him once for about 1 minute about 6 weeks ago and have corresponded briefly through letters. He is not a young man of many words, not like his mom.

Modest Issues

For the past year, I have written a weekly column for a website about modesty - This is Modest. But I have written an article for over 8 weeks. It has not been the season for thinking about being modest when so much else in life is taking place. 

And I think in and of itself this probably says a lot about the concept like that of modesty - how it essentially does fall in the background when illness, death and intense life situations take place... it is something we can focus on, and in a sense even major on, when everything - at least the most critical elements of life-- are doing fine, but it becomes a very minor issue in life when other issues rise to the top. 

Please don't understand me to be saying that being modest is not important. It is quite important - it is one of the basic elements of a moral society, but I think in times like I have lived the past few weeks it makes me realize if modesty is not an auto-drive obvious part of life than how does one think they will hold up in tragic times, in crushing times, and in drastic pressure times?

Get On With Living

If one can get a pair of jeans and t-shirt on - that suffices and who has time thinking about how low your shirt cut should be... get on with it... either live right by God's standards or die choosing not to, but stop playing games of seeing how close to the line one can teeter. 

Oh, now I sound real chipper... probably why it is not my season to be writing for such a site when I am thinking about a person putting a gun up to his head and taking his own life. The paradoxes we live in are utterly amazing, because just last week a baby was born at 33 weeks and he is doing simply fine - born into a loving supportive family. And even that, the birth of baby Zion, is one of those more critical elements of life when we prayed for his safe delivery so early.

Can you relate in your life?

I am sure I will be settled back in normal life eventually.

 I just don't see placing pressure on our delicate family life by me having outside responsibilities until health is stable for my daughter and my son is back from basic training. (We have several trips coming up in the next weeks to visit him before he graduates.)

Thank you for the prayer.