Friday, October 19, 2012

Look Through His Eyes

Look -

This is the word for this week's Five Minute Friday! I began at 11:25 and finished at 11:30. Five minutes to write about the word - Look. I hope you enjoy.

When is the last time you really stopped long enough to look?

The old saying was to 'stop and smell the roses' but in our busy lives of today we rarely even go slow enough to look.

Not a glance, and quickly turn away, but a long steady gaze - long enough to be still and hear God speak His message to your heart.

Look - the leaves on the trees are turning colors, the squirrels are packing up the acorns, the deer are strolling out at dusk, and the black birds are migrating in huge flocks heading for warm.

Did you see - the tear roll down her face, the way she blushed when his name was brought up, how tense he got when money was discussed, how she walked away when abortion was the topic?

Do you feel and hear when you look?

Do you see only with your eyes and not with your heart and mind?

God has a view - if we choose we can see through His Spiritual eyes. Do you really want to see? Stop and look with your soul, seek more than the surface reflection imagining in the back of your eyes... see deep, look through His eyes.

A whole new world can open up for you and ministry will naturally abound when you really take time to look and notice what is really before your eyes.

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