Friday, October 5, 2012

Get On With It - Stop Majoring in the Minors

My life has turned upside down for a little bit. 

Gena Suarez's Baby Son Zion! Goodness in Difficult Times

My daughter, 15, has been ill since early August. We have new Dr appointments coming up in the next three weeks. We may have possibly discovered what she has - a disorder called 'autonomic dysfunction' of the autonomic system in the body that regulates blood pressure, heart beat, temperature, etc. We are looking hopeful toward meeting the research team at the Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center in a few weeks. Basically she has been at home and on the sofa for nearly two months, falling behind in High School.

Also last week a young man, 20, shot himself in an act of suicide. He was the husband to be of a dear friend's daughter and his family also is in our community of faithful believers. Of course, life stops when something like this happens. 

And, my son (19) is still in basic training in GA. We have talked him once for about 1 minute about 6 weeks ago and have corresponded briefly through letters. He is not a young man of many words, not like his mom.

Modest Issues

For the past year, I have written a weekly column for a website about modesty - This is Modest. But I have written an article for over 8 weeks. It has not been the season for thinking about being modest when so much else in life is taking place. 

And I think in and of itself this probably says a lot about the concept like that of modesty - how it essentially does fall in the background when illness, death and intense life situations take place... it is something we can focus on, and in a sense even major on, when everything - at least the most critical elements of life-- are doing fine, but it becomes a very minor issue in life when other issues rise to the top. 

Please don't understand me to be saying that being modest is not important. It is quite important - it is one of the basic elements of a moral society, but I think in times like I have lived the past few weeks it makes me realize if modesty is not an auto-drive obvious part of life than how does one think they will hold up in tragic times, in crushing times, and in drastic pressure times?

Get On With Living

If one can get a pair of jeans and t-shirt on - that suffices and who has time thinking about how low your shirt cut should be... get on with it... either live right by God's standards or die choosing not to, but stop playing games of seeing how close to the line one can teeter. 

Oh, now I sound real chipper... probably why it is not my season to be writing for such a site when I am thinking about a person putting a gun up to his head and taking his own life. The paradoxes we live in are utterly amazing, because just last week a baby was born at 33 weeks and he is doing simply fine - born into a loving supportive family. And even that, the birth of baby Zion, is one of those more critical elements of life when we prayed for his safe delivery so early.

Can you relate in your life?

I am sure I will be settled back in normal life eventually.

 I just don't see placing pressure on our delicate family life by me having outside responsibilities until health is stable for my daughter and my son is back from basic training. (We have several trips coming up in the next weeks to visit him before he graduates.)

Thank you for the prayer.

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