Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race For Our Life 2012

We are in the midst of a presidential election. some people say they hate politics so they avoid it, but we live in a country where we are represented in our government by who we elect. Every year there is some kind of campaign race, somebody promising us the stars to be our candidate and then often when they secure the job they find out it is not so easy to deliver on their promises. I think they realize that they don't have all-power to fulfill the dreams they laid before us as a candidate.

God -on the other hand - is not in a race for our support. He offers Himself and His promises. He delivers on His promises and He does have the power to fulfill what He says He will do.

Satan thinks he is still in the race to garner our affections. He had read the end of the Book, but he pretends (lies to himself and everyone else) that it is not coming true. He would rather live in his lies than to face the truth.

Are we sometimes like that? Are candidates? Do they live in lies and prefer to not function in truths to win our allegiance - our vote?

Some people think God is not concerned about politics... those people can't be reading the same Bible I own. God is the God of people, but also over Nations. He is very interested in who our leaders are and most often He allows us to have the leaders we deserve.

In the end, the race will not be about who becomes President or some other representative of the people. The final race - the good race - that we are each daily running is to live for God's glory in everything we do. God is interested in every aspect of our life - nothing goes unnoticed - nothing is unimportant.

Seek God in all things, seek to know Him and His truth, believe what He says, He keeps His promises because He alone is able to fulfill all that He says He will do - He is faithful. In these truths we can rest and make the foundation of our life.


This is a Five Minute Friday post. Yes, today is Tuesday... I am a few days late, but I have written this post in five minutes on the topic: RACE. If you like to write check out the site. It is fun to read what others have written in five minutes about a word given at midnight on every Friday night.

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