Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guardians of The Faith

In every age God raises up believers to be the 'guardians of the faith'. In our present age, society widely believes that individual people can have their own interpretation of truths - in a sense - their own idea of who God is, what is His purpose and how does He relate to us. This attempt to be tolerating of other's personal beliefs -- respectful of any beliefs leads to the assumption that all doctrines of faith in "god" are on an equal basis, but this assumption is not congruent with God's own Words.

God knows all truths, His thoughts are higher than ours. While we can not know everything, we have all the Truth we need to know within the pages of the Bible. We can reason together, but we will never be all-knowing as God, nor are will or will we ever become God. The desire to be God - in essence thinking you return to a God-ness state is the great falling point of Satan - He wanted to be a god, and so did Eve and Adam - this is a great evil sin.

Even before the birth of Christ there have been people who rise up as Leaders/Teacher, 'knowing' individuals, of a secret knowledge/truth that is available only to the sincere seekers. Once a person listens and embraces these secret teachings they think of themselves as superior spiritual souls to other spiritual/religious believers.

These Leaders appeal to the human desire to know something that think others are unable or unwilling to know. 

Once a person is won over to their journey of faith, they become in a sense puffed up with self-importance that they were advanced enough to see the light - to learn the secret of living that others are not seeing. It is very important to be wary of "secret teachings" that are only given to those who advance in a group with the concept of the more you are committed to the group the more you are entrusted by the Leader to know - the more knowledge you are told because you are evolving higher spiritually. These are age old teachings of Gnosticism.

Clearly, God's Word and Truth was taught openly in the public, nothing is kept a secret. 

Anyone who wants to know is told and all truths are available to all believers - regardless if the leaders/teachers in the church deem the person to be a new believer or a mature believer. All the truth we need in life is clearly written in the Bible. It is plainly spoken and ready to be studied by all people who desire to know God more and to have a more intimate relationship with him. In Christianity there should be no hierarchies of people - we are all God's children - we are all an important necessary part of the body of Christ - of the universal Christian Church.

Here I will list 7 very simple apologies (explanation of the teachings) of Biblical truths:

  • A loving, ever-present, self-existant God created the good and perfect world.
  • The world became corrupt through sin (what is evil and opposed to God).
  • Adam- the 1st innocent man- became sinful yielding to temptation of the spiritual evil one who desires to be worshipped over God.
  • Adam's fall- and ours - has been undone/reversed through the provision of the 2nd innocent man - Jesus Christ - the new adam.
  • The physical body is not evil, nor is nature abounding in the world.
  • At the last day, believers (who accept Christ act of grace to reconcile all to God and willing to live obedient to glorify God) will have both their bodies and soul raised from the dead.
  • Believers will live with God FOREVER and ever into all eternity in a good and perfect place with no sin, temptation or corruption because the spiritual evil one and all of his spiritual workers (demons) will be cast into an everlasting place of containment - the fiery pit of hell.
These are the most basic truths in Scripture. If one believes each of these to be true, they should long to join with God in a vibrant, personal relationship to know Him more, to love Him, to serve His purpose and to enjoy every moment in His presence and provision. 

Do you believe?
Do you have questions about one of these 7 statements?
Do you have love ones that believe they are following secret spiritual teachings and are therefore, knowing?
Do you live life in a way that testifies how you believe, or simply, would someone who newly met you quickly be able to tell that you firmly hold to these 7 truths or would they be confused as to what you believe?
Have you been told not to explain God's teachings because He does not need you to defend Him or argue Biblical points?
Do you think it is possible to explain these statements of faith without being attacking or negative, but remaining loving while explaining basic facts according to God's Word?
Do you think the Holy Spirit, living within, can empower you to speak these truths in a way that your argument would deal a deadly blow to false teachings of our day?

These are questions we must each consider if we are believers. Is God asking you to be a present day Guardian of The Faith?

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