Saturday, January 30, 2016

You Are Already

I awoke this morning, as many mornings, with thoughts of the day and week before funneling through my conscious mind. After several of them cleared, I turned my inner heart to God and said to Him, “I want to be acceptable in your sight."

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And He quickly replied, inaudibly, but I ever so clearly heard, “You are already." You are acceptable and approved. Jesus is all of this for you. Jesus did all of it for you. In Jesus, and you are in Jesus, you already are.

Oh, how we wander away from the simple facts of faith.

We get concerned that we are not included by humans. We are not asked. We are not invited. We are not offered ______________. You and I can both fill in that blank of everything we ponder that we think we want or need, but that has not yet been.

And then we forget the fact that it is:

God, not people, determines our acceptance and approval.

God meets all of our needs.

God opens doors and closes them.

God ordains the details of our life.

When we get our eyes and heart off of Him, we look to people to do this.

We (can I boldly say this, as I hesitate in fear).... do care about what people think about us, but we should not. People are so hard to please and are fickle; you are in one day and out the next. They often don’t understand us. Few will rarely ever KNOW US.

We want people to accept us, to approve us, to want us and include us.


This is WHY it is so important for us to get our eyes on GOD: Our heart tuned into God’s voice.


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