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I Am Against You - Words I Do Not Want to Hear - The Book of Nahum

I love to hear from God, but "Behold, I am against thee," said the Lord of Hosts" (Nahum 2:13 and Nahum 3:5) is one thing I do not want to ever hear God say to me. BECAUSE that means you are in trouble!

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I have written another post about the Old Testament Book of Nahum and the news was not good for Nineveh. God opened "the gates of the rivers" (Nahum 2:6) to tear down the fortified 100 foot tall wide wall of this city and make it vulnerable to be destroyed by its enemy. The moral to this story is no matter what man makes to protect his Nation, city or property when God is against them, they will fall. People don't like to hear this. They like to think God does not punish people or a nation in this way but the Bible teaches differently, "the Lord has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of hid feet. He rebukes the sea and makes it dry and dries up all the rivers...the mountains quake at Him and the hills melt..." (Nahum 1:3-6).

It is clear that God uses His control over nature to show His power and revenge against his enemy.

Thankfully, because of my relationship with Jesus, his righteousness covers me, and therefore, God will never be against me. When God sees me, He sees me in my completion. He doesn't see my sin, my guilt and my shortcomings. Because of Jesus, I am no long an enemy of God. This is true for anyone who has accepted Jesus as LORD and Savior of their life, but do not take comfort in a false salvation. If you are truly God's child you will OBEY God and be HUNGRY for time with Him and love to worship Him and want to serve Him all the days of your life.

Nineveh had forsaken God's grace and forgotten his love. They were known as the "bloody city!" (Nahum 3:1).

When I think of abortion and the amount of innocent babies that have been murdered, America definitely can be known as the BLOODY NATION. We have sinned greatly against God by allowing abortion at will to take place for so long for any reason and no reason. Here me clearly: when the life of the mother or child is in height of concern NO ONE has the right to step into this private doctor-patient decision, but NEVER should a baby be aborted simply because it is not the right time, not wanted or unplanned. Even children born into unhealthy abusive home deserve the right to life - for I would not be alive today if this was followed.

I am ever so thankful to God that people are awakening to this bloody sin and limits are beginning. And for those who say Christians need to be out of politics and lawmaking this is how they are so wrong. We need to be engaged and involved to do good and to help implement safe, honoring laws.

We today personally and Nationally need to heed the warnings of the book of Nahum. In our Nation sin is glorified and embraced. Sin is even taught as right and the goodness and truth of God's Holy Word is taught to be wrong.

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Still I have great hope, because God is so faithful, forgiving and gracious. He hears the prayers of His children and He will answer our prayers. America is blessed as many Nations are to have a strong "believing" community that will shield the Nation for complete destruction. Nineveh was not so! As was not Sodom and Gomorrah.

God IS against SIN, and those who have chosen to give themselves over completely to sin and to reject Jesus. And there will be a price to pay, death! Eternal death!

At the end of Nahum, this book of the Bible, ends very differently from most prophetic books. Most books show the redemption of God and end with great hope for those who press in toward God and who turn from their wickedness, but not in Nahum:

"There is no remedy for your injury; your wound is severe. All who hear the news about you will clap their hands because of you, for who has not experienced your constant cruelty?" Nahum 3:19

Could this be God word to ISIS and the Islamist who are murdering, raping and pilfering cities that do not belong to them? God sees! God will repay their sins with judgement. As in all of the Bible we know this to be a fact, we are to love and forgive, but God will lay out His vengeance on those who do the work of Satan killing, stealing and destroying. God is in control. It may seem for a season that the enemy of God is winning, that Satan is gaining a victory, but his false glory and gain is short-lived.

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Hold on Child of God, Revelation ends with this glorious reminder, "Jesus who testifies about these things says, "Yes, I am coming quickly!" (Rev 22:20)

So in all things we have this reason to rejoice! And our response is in Revelation 22:20 "Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!"

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