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Who is Going to Help the Next "Freddie Gray"? The LIE that Destroys the Soul

"Freddie Grays" grow up knowing a life of crime. We have all seen his long rap sheet of mostly narcotic selling busts, but he was also doing burglary and other crimes. This is the life of many young people into their adulthood; it is the life they know. These are serious issues that need real honest answers. Freddie Gray is one individual and his life tragically ended; his death is being mourned by those who knew him and loved him. But can we as a society learn from the life and death of Freddie Gray? Can we make it have meaning and value for us to make changes?

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Some background

I don't know everything, but I do know that I have watched the life of my cousin who recently got out of 25 years of prison for selling LSD and other drugs, but mostly LSD in the 1980s. When he got caught he faked his own death to escape going to prison. I realize faking your own death is a really DUMB thing to do but a 19 year old who thinks he is a drug-king and invincible will do DUMB things. This was his first arrest, but he definitely complicated his sentence by running from the police and faking his own death. But isn't this what we see everyday, people who are guilty of crime running from police and ending up getting MORE penalty than they would if they would face the consequences of their actions. 

Let me say right from the start that I am not advocating 25 years for dealing drugs. My cousin went to prison in the 1980s when they were cracking down on drug dealers and he started out selling in high school. When his friends all went to college he was connected to about 15 colleges selling drugs. I know what he did was wrong, but 10 years would have been appropriate. And while I say that I don't know if it would have been long enough for him to stop being bitter, for him to make a determined change in his life. BUT I do know parole should have been offered to him when he turned his life around. 

My cousin did college classes while in the pen, and earned his Masters in college classes. I am not sure if it was online or not. He has been out for about 6 months and it is really hard to not mess up again. I am watching his experience, and I know the temptation to break the system is real. It is hard work to do what is right, to live clean and to WORK in order to get money to live on. He lived like a rich "king" for years selling drugs. He knows the temptation; I am sure he can taste it, but he has to HATE prison more. And he does. 

The "Freddie Grays"

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So what should be done for a person, like Freddie Gray, with a long rap sheet? Should he be out on the street? In some communities, "Freddie Grays" are everywhere. I mean, where would all of the drug dealers be? In a "drug sellers institute" aka Prison; because let's face it, when they get out of prison they will go right back to the life of crime because it is all they know. 

And because of the gang life in prison, they only learn how to go deeper into the life of crime instead of how to break clean from it. My cousin was a independent white boy. He explains how it hardens you because you have to always watch your back, but he was determined not to join a gang. Of course, it is easier to just give in and join a gang and get the protection and live the life of crime while behind the bars. 

Truly, prisons are frequently training schools to become more hardened as a criminal. 

We need to take these problems seriously and listen to people who have lived behind the bars and in the belly of the system to know how to change the system. We need to value people who come out and change their life because they can teach citizens and government leaders a lot about how crooked and crime-ridden the prison system is. 

For 25 years while in Federal prison, my cousin makes it clear that you can get any drug you want WHILE in prison. The system is crooked and people who should be keeping the prisons clean look the other way because they are making big money to do so. 

So what about Freddie Gray, he was 25 years old. He had a long rap sheet. He was a life long criminal, mostly with small crime but he was in and out of courts. We need as a society to decide how do we reform the "freddie grays" of the society. What can we do about them? We need to see them as people and really give them opportunities to break away from the life of crime by separating them from the criminals and giving them a chance to change. And that is so easier said than done, because, frankly, it comes down to the individual choice and responsibility of the "freddie grays" about what he/she will do with their life. We, as a society, can't make that individual choice for them. If "he" does not want to change, if he wants to stay in the drug life and live a life of crime, what does a lawful society need to do?

Money is not the Answer

These are hard questions that MUST be LOOKED at and Answered. But putting more money into these communities does no good. We know this for a fact. Look at all of the money poured into these "poverty" cities that are still crumbling. They will destroy what they have and use the money for drugs, alcohol and crime. All of the organizers speaking on tv today say we need to INVEST more into these communities and that means they want more $$$$, but money does not solve a heart/soul issue. Most politicians and organizers are simply wanting power and money for themselves, they are not looking for solutions to help the individuals in need.

However, A person has to WANT to be different and want life to be different for his/her own CHILDREN. A person has to have a good reason to live and to know that he/she intrinsically has value/purpose. This is no longer taught because children from the day the enter school are taught that they are evolved from an ape, that they are an animal; the bottom line is this is the LIE that destroys the human soul. 

When are we going to face the truth? How long are we going to let people lie to our children and even convince adults that they have NO VALUE. Giving a person money does not give them value, any more than giving them housing or a welfare check. People NEED to WORK for what they get; it is the only way for them to OWN it, and to develop character traits that will continue with them in life to make them better people. 

No one wants to hear it anymore but the fact is we are each precious, priceless individuals created in the image of GOD. 

We are sinners needing grace, mercy and forgiveness. We are not animals; we have a spirit and a soul. We are more than a human body with passions for pleasure. We have value. The "freddie grays" of this world have value. Each individual is lovable, CREATED by God with a purpose; no animal in the animal kingdom are like humans. Yes, we can choose to do evil, sinful things, but we can also choose to do loving, kind things. We can reject the reality of God and live like animals or we can repent and accept that we are valuable in HIS sight, that HE loves each of us and wants to redeem our life for good. 

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This message is part of the Gospel message and it does not cost one penny to share, but it heals hurts and restores brokeness. It give life where there is death. And it grows beauty out of the ashes. 

If you watched the television last night you watches pockets of Baltimore burn. You watched citizens burn down their own city. Of course, they are angry. They have community leaders that don't value them as individuals who are created in the image of God. They need the truth. They don't need RELIGION. They need relationships. They need love. They need to hear about responsibility and accountability. Love is tough. 

I don't have all the answers but I do know the ONE who does. And HE is not a politician, community organizer, an agitator or leader of a false gospel church that are all looking for money. Money does not heal the heart. The poorest person in the world can be the most loving, kind, giving soul. We rob a person of dignity when we give them things and money for not working. Even the disable can do something for money given to help support themselves. 

Don't confuse a relationship with God and His loving, healing principles with RELIGION. The two are worlds apart; opposites. 

So what do people need to hear:

1. You are created in the image of God and a priceless creation loved by God who created the universe.

2. You are a sinner, in need of forgiveness and grace/mercy. You owe a debt to God you can not pay.

3. God will forgive you because Jesus died on the Cross for your sin. Jesus paid your debt.

4. When and if you ask God to forgive you, and truly repent for what you have done wrong, you can chose for Him to be LORD of your life; you can give your life to him and have purpose for living. You can become a new creation viewed by God as blameless, clean and righteous. 

5. But the choice is yours, no one can make it for you. God will never force himself on anyone. Everything God offers is freely given to those who ask. 

6. If you make this decision, find a Bible teaching church and read the Bible for yourself. Ask God to teach you how to obey his word and to love others as He loves you. Grow in faith and understanding being redeemed and restored to God, live life as a responsible, valuable individual and loving help your neighbors/family/friends.

Please let me know if you need help or want to understand more. 

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