Monday, April 27, 2015

Micah - Just and Merciful God Explained

Several weeks back, I wrote a beginning post on the Book of Micah, but I was not able to cover all the great verses that fill this book. I thought it would be helpful to write a second article on this hopeful book.

Truly the lessons from God's Word are endless

As with all of the books of prophecy in the Bible, we clearly can read what is the cause of judgement on individuals and nations by God. Micah 1: 5 says, "All of this is for transgression of Jacob and for the sins of the house of Israel."

Transgression and Sin

God repeats this so much in the Bible; evidently, He understands how much we ignore Him. It is like He has to drum this message into the heads of humans, and still we question why these bad things happening in the world.

Murder. Slavery. Rape. Abuse. Theft. Lies. Corruption. Burnings. Beheadings. Evil abounds! Reading a newspaper, listening to the news or watching reports of current events can be so depressing. Evil is out of control. In Micah 2:3 the Lord says, "For this is an evil time."

Micah even declares, "...her wounds are incurable," when he considers the judgement that is coming. How far is too far? How far does a person have to go when they have hardened their heart so much, they are so deep into evil behavior, they have rejected the grace of God so many times that they have reached the point of no return. We know in Egypt God says that the heart of Pharaoh had been hardened to a point that he would not obey God.

The truth is a person or nation only has incurable wounds when they refuse to admit they are sinning, and therefore will not repent and turn to God in obedience. We cause our soul to be incurable; the amount or type of sin is not the cause of it being incurable. God can make any heart pure. Jesus bore on the cross all sins for all people, not some. That is why Jesus said, "It is finished."

The payment had been complete permanently for every sin.

But people make the choice to not hear God's Word. I have someone very dear to my heart that has made this choice. Do you?

Sadly, a person unwilling to confess their sins, repent with godly sorrow and yield to the transformation process of God being the Lord of their life, makes a freewill choice to have an incurable soul.

Are you willing to let God order your life into beauty?

How long will you suffer? Wounds are curable, but the question is are you willing to do what must be done to have healing?

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