Monday, March 9, 2015

Ownership of Property - Out of My Window

I sit in my swervable, melon-light-green, upholstered chair looking out the dingy six-paned window of my developing office/work space, with my left leg propped up on my cream, plastic sewing machine and my right leg tucked neatly underneath me. My view goes deep into the bare, leafless tall assortment of trees that cluster the woods beyond and around our property. All is still, except the ever so slight sway of the tattered fabric atop the children's old wooden fort.

And it strikes me that this is my literal view of the world from my home. We've paid the mortgage consistently and in a few short years this little piece of the earth will for my lifetime--if we choice to remain here as we have the past two decades--by deed be ours.

Knowing many have more spectacular views from their windows, I also recognize many will never come close to having the simple, peaceful one I have right now.

Deep in thought about universal philosophies I am quickly brought back to reality... Still peering out of my window, I notice something fluffy moving into my view. I suppose it is some chilled little squirrel on this single digit temperature winter day. But no, I see this beautiful, bushy grey and white cat with a tail as long as its body. Recognizing him --our playful, adventurous, indoor cat (Grayson)--has somehow found his way out of our warm cozy home to taste the life lived on the wild side.

Of course, when I get up and go to the back kitchen door and call him in he is quite happy to comply. The only person to leave our house was my son early this morning to go to work, so that little rascal has had his fill of the winter freeze considering it is 1:30 in the afternoon now. I laugh at him. Give him a big hug and then place him back down to be about "the private life of Grayson the cat." For any cat owner knows, cats don't thank their owners from rescuing them; they don't view life that way. He is too independent to think I did him a favor; he thinks he did me a favor by coming in because I called.

So as a writer I seek the meaning of this interlude, the insight, the deeper message of life.

Instead of continuing to muse, I pray,
"God, I am thankful for the comfort of my home. For having a place to sit and view the world from the inside out on such a chilly day. I am thankful for my husband's steady employment that allows us, as a family, to not have to think about survival. I am well provided for by You. All of my needs are met. I am thankful to you for thinking about what I need before it crosses my mind and for blessing me with continued health."

On the level of the world standards, I live lofty. Most people of the world could not even conceive ownership of property, a day without labor for survival income and the peace that reigns in my soul.

The key to ownership is to never let what you possess to control you, to hold it in an open hand allowing God to move it about as He sees fit or simply let it remain in one's care. Everything in my view is temporal. I am just passing through, but while I live here I am given this little chair and window to think about God and life.

Cats understand each day is simply to be lived -- nothing more, nothing less. They enjoy the opportunities or adventures as they come but don't become occupied by the past or future. Like cats, we should live life in the moment -- for it is all we ever really have.

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