Monday, January 5, 2015

Who or What Sets You Worth

Who or what do you let set your worth, your value in life?

Worth Factors

Present your life before a large group of people and give them the ability to set your worth. Each will set it according to their own values, the way they live and determine their own value.

Is it how much money you make? How much you own? What car you have, the kind of house you live in, or the clothes you wear? Maybe even, what you collect?

Is it the family you come from? They wealth you were raised with? The expendable cash at your fingertips? The schools you attended or attend? Your lifestyle level?

Is it the degrees you have? The kind of degrees? The job you hold? The titles you can claim? Your knowledge? Your ability to speak on a topic authoritatively?

Is it the work you do? The legacy of accomplishments you can point to? The amount you produce? The lasting value of your work?

Is it the people who you consider your friends? The places you hang out? The kind of people who you are connected to? The parties you get invited to? The places you hold membership? The contacts you have?

Is it your past? What you have done in life? If you have committed crimes/sins that are deemed forgivable or justifiable? Or maybe even where someone in your family has come from, their past that creeps into the next generation?

Worth Judgers

We all judge others. We don't like to admit it, but we do. We determine a person's value and decide whether we want to know them or be friends. We make our own opinions of they way they live. We think we know their motivations or lack of them.

I get judged, just like you do. But I have to determine, just like you do, that if I am going to allow other people to set my worth. The way I live, the decisions I make, my values, my goals --Am I going to let someone speak into my life and tell me my value? Truly, I can be the hardest on myself devaluing myself because I do not measure up to my own hopes or standards of what I should be like.

So, thankfully for me, and I hope I can help you see for yourself, there is only one person I let set my worth and it is not even myself. I let God determine my value, not other people. So I get to ask, "Am I doing what you want me to do God? Have I lived up to your standards? Do I have a genuine one on one relationship with you, God? Am I spending my money and time as you desire? Are my actions and words pleasing to You?"

If God is not good with me, I look to Him to help me adjust, but if God is pleased, I am satisfied.

When this life is over, the only regret I will have is if I did not live obediently to God.

People can be so critical, fickle, fake, and hypocritical. Everyone has their own junk. To learn to ignore the voices of others while making sure that you are responding carefully to God's voice, is the key to knowing your own worth and how to be at peace with yourself.

I see pictures sometimes of young ladies and see such sadness and pain in their face. Life has lied to them or should I say,  "they believe a lie." No wonder so many people get jaded and loose hope for happiness. Everything can be so futile when your worth is set by moving standards. I want to ask, "Are you happy, yet?" but don't want to be cruel, like kicking a victim that has already been crushed by so many unfulfilled promises -- empty dreams.

""Have you tried Jesus, yet? I long to say, but know it will be ridiculed. Jesus sets the standard. His grace provides for what we lack. We can never permanently fail Him. To Him, we are priceless treasures, created for His glory and to have a long, blessed, eternal life. He is working in our life to complete us and make us more like Jesus. The more we yield to His molding the more Christlike we become.

Worth Choice

But it is up to you. Each of us. We all must determine who or what Sets Our Worth, because whether we admit it or not something/someone always does.

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