Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do You Have Mental Illness In Your Family? I Can Help

What a bold thing to say, that I can help if you have mental illness in your family. I am not a doctor or a therapist licensed by the government. What possibly could I know or do?

You were created to live free.
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First-hand experience is often a better teacher than books, professors, lectures and clinical practice.

I have lived with mental illness for 50 years. My father had it, so did my mother, my grandmother and then when I was young adult I faced the fact that have had it. As I grow older, I know many others who have struggled with mental illness in their family. Living with mental illness, but not surrendering to it, I have learned a lot. I have learned to be an overcomer, not a victim. I have learned to get help, not to deny it or give in to it.

But still, what makes me different? Why can I- not so boldly say- "I can help"? How can I offer help when so many others in the world also have mental illness? Having something does not actually make you the ideal candidate to assist others. And to this I agree.

What makes me different is that with God's leading and empower, I have faced mental illness head on. I have looked it square in the eye and I have lived a life of confronting it, accepting it, overcoming it and learning how to live with it.

I have walked this journey many decades without many helping hands or listening hearts. Yet, I have NEVER been alone. I have fumbled around seeking answers, crawling through pathways that not many were willing to travel determined to be as whole as I could be, as healthy as I could be. I discovered:

God is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who Heals. He is not only my healer, but He is Elohim (Creator God). He knows me inside and out; he wrote the manual on living--the Holy Bible God-breathed by man onto paper. He lives within me--dwelling in the form of the Holy Spirit in my body. All along the way, I have had God as my solid rock, my comforter, my shelter of protection, my redeemer and so much more. 

Yes, I have gone to psychiatrist, therapist and take medication, but I would not be alive today if God was not.

Today, I live because He lives. Today, I breath because He breathes through me. Today, I have a reason because I know He has a purpose for my life--a royal kingdom purpose ordained from the beginning of time. My life has purpose---to know Him, to be known by Him, to serve Him and others because I am loved.

Is mental illness in your family? It is in mine. I have it. And I will not be ashamed. You may have so many questions. Ask. If you ask them below then this post can be a forum for others to learn; but if you want to personally ask, send me an email. And if you would prefer to read and search out answers, look at my blog site: Abuse and Trauma - Hope and Healing.

You are not alone! Do not be afraid. You can get the help you need. Life will not be perfect but it will be better than if you try to ignore, deny, fight away or give up. Even if you yourself do not have mental illness but someone dear to your heart does, if you have a question, ask me. I will try to do anything I can to help. No one needs to suffer through the disappear of feeling so alone, so afraid.

Love you dearly,

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