Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Without A Compass - How Do You Live?

Many years I lived without a moral compass - no central core direction in my life. I simply decided to do what I felt I would most enjoy, what sounded good, what could be pleasurable. I was not concerned with right or wrong; these thoughts did not way on my conscience. I was willing to try, to explore, to experience and learn by placing myself in new situations and several old that I longed to embrace again.

I did not over think anything. Living fully in the present moment was what I cherished the most and every opportunity to venture into a place I had not been before was very welcome. Growing was important to me, as an extension of living, a means to make life purposeful without any degree to value "grading" my performance. It mattered not that I was the best, or even good. It was enough in life to be willing to do and leave measure of worth or quality to others.

Finding Direction in Life
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In many ways this daring, acceptance of the freedom to be has been retained in my positive core, therefore I dabble in a wide variety of avenues instead of narrowing down to one in which to become an expert.

Wise advice has been given by many who have become acclaimed successful that it is best to focus on one interest and to become an expert - a valuable resource - in one given topic or talent. Though I firmly agree this is stupendous, sage advice, my multi-faceted interests cannot be contained in one direction. I am forever to be a wanderer of much, instead of a profitable research of one. How could I choose one, and leave all the other passions behind? What torture! What dread!

But without a compass at my core, I found life to be scattered. I pitter, pattered here and there, dabbling in activities without going deep in any. I know life has seasons...sometimes it seems weeks or months have seasons also. Still being busy enjoying to explore what is new and to learn I found myself un-anchored. Like a small floating craft, I was easily tossed around by the waves and winds. Is this a way to life purposefully?

Thankfully, God never lets me be dragged way off His course for my life by an undertow. He gently reminds me that I am His and He is mine, that I was created for missional living. God is my compass; He shows me the direction to go. I simply need to learn to listen, be available and obey.

Today I meet with a gentlemen that is interested in starting up a non-profit to walk along side Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. This non-profit will meet a specific, unreached group of survivors who are not doing drugs, alcohol or other addictions, who are not abusing their children and who are committed breaking the cycle of abuse by raising up a family in a nurturing homelife.

God gave me the plan for such a non-profit on Mother's Day weekend 2011. He brought this gentlemen and I together in a coffee shop just last before Mother's Day 2014 quite by "accident." (Of course, to God there is no such thing). I was running in to order a cup of coffee to go and the lady asked me if I wanted a mug. Without thinking I responded yes and thus had to sit a while to drink my coffee, and it was then that I struck up a conversation that is now leading to this planning meeting.

I never know what God has planned but I am simply walking through this door expectantly, only trusting in Him. Pray for me and this ministry. Of course, I will let you know how it all goes, eventually. :D

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