Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ode To Joy

I attended a graduate class last night at Belmont University. It was a blessing, to be among other adults who love words. I entered, not knowing what an "ode" was and left loving the "ode" so much that I wanted to try my hand at crafting one. I learned last night how every writer indeed has a voice and each has their own beauty that no one can copy. We are all unique, by creation and then by experience. Each voice has value for it speaks about a life lived --worthy to be heard. So here is my first ode:

(Unbelievable Joy by phantastes on deviant art)

Not happiness--
That charading counterfeit
Of pleasure, which we
Lust for.
Hypocritical and proud,
Aware only of yourself--
Subtly irritable, Fickle
Given over
To circumstances in sight.
This World

Oh, to joy!
Absolute surrender
Self-sacrificing offered
For the One,
Who sent Him to do.

Who for joy,
He endured the cross.
And we--you and me--
What can we do
Any less or more
If it is truly He
Whom we adore?

He delighted,
Do we?
To do God's will,
Oh my,
God's Joy!

He prayed,
That His Joy
Might Remain--in you and me,
That our joy
Might be full.
Do we
Have that Joy?

To Joy,
Living a full
Does not rest in circumstances,
Nor success, but
Understanding of God, and
Fellowship and
With Him, like Jesus Himself

Fellowship and Oneness--
A right relationship with God--
Out of it will flow
Rivers of living water--
A fountain through, you and me,
That Jesus can pour Himself

Joy--as natural as a breath,
A life hidden in Christ,
Blessing others, yet
A having been a blessing.

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