Friday, November 15, 2013

"Love Me" Prayer

When we think of praying, we often think of going down a list of important concerns and covering loved ones with God's protection and provision for the day.

I want to recommend a simple beginning to your prayer time that you might find an amazing blessing and welcomed change to your prayer life. As you are focusing upon the Lord, ask Him to love you.

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Asking God to love you is not a selfish thing. It opens us up to receive His love that is always being poured out toward us. God is love and He desires to love us completely, to fill us with His love.

In my years of prayer, I have asked for many things: a new fresh filling of the spirit, to see His glory, to be healed, to know Him; and each of these are appropriate prayers. But, nothing is so absorbing of His presence as to be loved by Him!

After I soak in His love, I can overflow His love to others. In being saturated by Him, I function out of security, acceptance and wholeness.

Does it matter what this day brings once I am loved fully by God? I can face whatever is placed in my path knowing I am His precious daughter whom He greatly loves.

Blessing to you today.

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