Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Missing Message for Seekers on Sunday Mornings

"Lord, hear me, for You are gracious, and Jesus died; I cry to You as a condemned criminal who seeks a pardon. Deliver me from going down into the pit, that I may praise Your name." (Quote from Charles Spurgeon)
What would need to happen in Church on Sunday morning for a visitor to kneel down and confess such an argument before GOD?

Churches desire seekers to visit their church on Sunday morning.

BUT will seekers going to Churches all throughout America on a Sunday morning FIND what every seeker truly needs?

Why do churches want visitors? Each church, its leaders and members must ask this question; their answer will shape what they provide on Sunday in a service (or mass).

Seekers attend a church looking for something they feel they needs. Why do they go? What do they need?

What is a church? 
According to the Bible it is a called out body of believers, called out because they are "set apart" from all the other people living in the world at that time. 
The church is often thought of as a building on the corner or a congregation of particular believers, but the church is the people -- both a small group here or there and all believers as a whole. In the Bible a church was grouped by the city such as the Church in Antioch. All the believers in the city of Antioch were considered one church. 
This is all good, but what is a believer? Re-read the passage at the top of this post. A believer has cried out this heartfelt confession to God. So what is....

The Missing MESSAGE?

Seekers visiting churches need to hear that God is seeking to help sinners who are condemned. God loved them when they were sinners. God loved them knowing they would sin, sin and continue to sin. God does not help those who are fine with life, who are content with who they are, who have their needs already met and who are looking for a purpose to give their service.

Are you a mess? Is your life falling apart? Do you feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled, empty? Are you deep inside aware that you are hurting, barely hanging on, and causing pain in other's lives because you are weak and incapable of loving selflessly? Are you a sinner? Do you do evil, desire what you should not, live a secret hidden life?

God is ready to help you.

Deliverance - a pardon - is available.

A person who visits a church needs to know they are hurting because of sin, that their life is a mess because they are not living according to God's ways.

Unbelievers have no rights before God; they are not to address Him nor think they can approach Him because of anything they have accomplished. Our achievements are utterly worthless to God; He is not impressed.

God's grace, His unfailing love, is available for the asking.

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