Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jury Duty

Sitting in a pew, not in church.
Packed in. Worship - we do not do.
Roll called, duty served, we the few.
Unknown - brings anticipation.

All stand, given oath, say, "I do."
Names drawn, one by one - lots are called.
Last chair - each filled with average folks.
Voir Dire - reasonable questions doubt.

Presumed innocent, or hung jury.
Bottle is the deadly weapon.
Verdict tells who you believe most.
Truth sought, tossing coin, two sides told.

Threatened, "I'm going to kill you."
You all were concerned, were you not.
People change, when drinking alcohol.
Have you been in a drinking fight?

Assess - Don't touch me - fight or flight.
Cornered - Can I defend myself?
Focus, stand on your own two feet.
Can you fight for your conviction?

Guilty, not guilty - you decide.
Need more than just some evidence.
"How 'bout"- likely is, more like not.
Anybody have issues with that thought?

Wood floors, wood walls, wood doors - enclosed.
Like a casket - I suppose - we stay put.
Innocent 'til proven guilty.
Jury chosen, his fate is dealt.

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