Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Christian Versus Atheist All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

This coming Sunday night is the finale of the Donald Trump All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Our family has enjoyed watching the show together each Sunday.

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We have grown to know the celebrities better and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses. One unusually part of this season has been the oddity of the celebrity Gary Busey, once an up-and-coming actor who got in a vehicle accident, had brain injury and went through a period addiction. Now he is getting his life back together. Gary has a beautiful wife, precious young boy and a definitely up-and-down mental stability; but Gary is Gary--and most viewer enjoy his out-of-this-world mental trips giving us his unique view of life in the mind of Gary.

The show's final two celebrities are Trace Adkins and Penn from the magician act, Penn and Tell. The finale has been slated as Nashville versus Los Vegas. Both men are quite confident of winning and coincidently of similar physical stature--tall, big, long-hair pony tail men. In many ways I find their personalities comparable--they don't sweat the small stuff, they rise above the riffs and have very creative, intelligent minds.

But what struck me to state that this is the Christian versus the Atheist, especially since both Adkins and Penn do not talk about their faith--they are very private and don't disclose a whole lot about themselves through their words?

I was thinking this morning about the irony of the fact that Penn's charity, Opportunity Village, serves the intellectually disabled community in Nevada. I remembered how he and Lisa Rinna two weeks ago belittled and emotionally cut-off Gary Busey who is intellectually challenged following his brain injury. Penn had so little compassion for Gary and simply could not work with him but instead frustrated Gary who was trying to be project manager. Lisa joined up with Penn and stayed clear of helping but instead seemed to talk down to Gary like he was retarded instead of injured and needing an OPPORTUNITY for extra loving care and patience.

In stark contrast last week when Trump pulled out a surprise return of Gary Busey and placed him on Trace's team for the finale, Trace treated Gary much differently. I initially felt Trump gave Trace Gary to aid Penn in winning because without question having Gary on your team is challenging. To my delight, Trace gave Gary a leading opportunity to star in his 60 second video highlighting the new ice cream flavor developed in support of Red Cross, Trace's non-profit group.

Mary Lou, who was also a returning team member for Trace, even teared up when she watched the beauty of seeing Gary come to life in her words with a spark of "genius" when he was in his craft of acting. Also, Trace chose Gary to accompany him whenever he picked one of the celebrities to go with him to do a part of the challenge. He didn't sideline Gary or give him a low level part (like Penn who chose Dennis Rodman, the oddest person on his team, to lie under the table and have ice cream dropped on him as part of the magic trick) that was a questionably degrading position for a celebrity.

Of course, I have no way of knowing if the Nashville Stars of Country music are going to out-contribute the flashy Las Vegas Show Stars in order to bring their Celebrity the crown of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice title and at least $250,000 charity prize money for this Sunday's show. Yet, I recall the old-timers slogan that it does not matter who wins or losses, it matters how you play the game.

After thinking about these points I see the clear winner, in my opinion - Trace is the winner! And in his own subtle way he has shown the walk of the character of Christ in treating the least of us as the best. I am honored to live in a Nashville suburb and to claim Trace Adkins for my hometown as a winner!

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