Friday, May 31, 2013

Benghazi - Left to Die

Wood was shattered on the roof
Rescue called-- never came through.
Told to never doubt this truth
They did what they had to do.

With the gates torn down,
A flashing blaze rushed smoke.
They heard the Jihad sound
They knew they couldn't choke.

Pictures blared round the world
Each minute death drew close.
Into action their instinct hurled
Deep stench filled up their nose.

The call went out for help
They kept looking to the sky,
Not ever thinking of them-self.
Brave men were left to die.

Disgrace is the only medal
He should wear upon his chest
Rome burned, Nero fiddled
Barak denied their request.

The devil danced in the street,
The Ambassador tossed thru crowds,
Brave heroes never accept defeat,
They fought and made us proud.

Our President brought us shame,
Plotting lies while Americans died,
Now dodging personal blame,
But, we --the citizen-- know he's lied.

Redeemer of Righteousness
Hear our plea before Your throne,
Expose truth until they confess,
May their evil deeds be shown.

Set the Benghazi record straight
Let us see what You already know,
Turn Glory from this wretched hate,
May Your mercy and justice flow.

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