Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Sends People to Hell?

Heaven and Hell are real places. Unless someone is deep into the occult or under the influence of alcohol or another sense numbing drug, most people imagine they will go to heaven or at least a nice neutral place. Few people willingly say they are going to hell. I have heard people pronounce this judgement on themselves because of an act they did that they deem hideous, but if given the option to check our final destination as one might check the boxes of what you want to eat on a hotel room service selection, nearly all would check the heaven box.

So if going to heaven or hell is truly a choice, and it is, what sends people to hell.

Literally it is God that moves us to our final destination, but He is simply fulfilling our choice already made in our life. We--the people of the world--individually either send ourselves to heaven or to hell.

But how, one might persist? And what exactly is the choice that made the decision so absolute?

JESUS is the critical choice.

A person either by the grace of God selects to receive Jesus as their Lord/Master and Savior OR a person rejecting God's saving grace selects to not have Jesus as their LORD, and thus their Savior. Jesus saves people from positively going to hell because they have sinned against God and thereby deserve hell because, in sin, they are unholy and can't possibly enter a sinless state in heaven. He gives all people a choice.

Jesus is a complete person. We can't pick part of Him and reject the rest. If we want to go to heaven, a place of God Worship, we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and to allow His sinless life, death and resurrection to be the price paid for our admission to heaven. Jesus is the answer God provided. It is His world and universe, therefore, being the Creator He gets to chose the rules.

So what sends a person to hell? Truly, that person himself, by rejecting God Himself, and choosing to live in denial of God and His Word. Scripturally it is called the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, since it is only by grace that the Holy Spirit opens a person's eyes to the truth and allows him a very real choice. Jesus is truly God who came in the flesh.

Do you want to obey and live for God?

If you say yes, then follow God as your living LORD,  study His Words in the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you down the narrow path daily in life.

If you say no, then live anyway you like--good or bad, according to any rules you like. Determine anything you want to be truth and follow as diligently or as sloppily as you desire. You may even choose to live wild, and in a sense ruleless, picking whatever will most satisfy your present desires and fill you with happiness or even ecstasy, for however long that feeling might last.

Those who --by God's grace--to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, saying YES to God, go to heaven and are immediately sealed with the living Holy Spirit of God as a guarantee that they are going to heaven. God begins at that moment to change them from the inside out into the likeness of Christ Jesus. The more surrendered we live unto God, the more our life shines like a light in the darkness of evil sin continually committed on earth.

Those who say no, most definitely reject heaven and go to hell.

So what sends people to hell? They send themselves by rejecting Jesus. It is that simple.

Be forewarned, don't look to the people who claim to have chosen God as to proof of whether God is real, because you would be basing your eternity on potential liars. Sadly many people trick themselves and others by pretending on the outside to choose Jesus while all along they most definitely never have, but it makes themselves feel better to be accepted among a group of people they choose to align with to pretend, and at least to be near what they deem are good people.

Only look to God and His Word for your own personally decision. And thereby, live life to its fullest knowing you are responsible for your eternal destiny because you had a choice and you chose!

I have chosen God's way with having Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I wish everyone would choose the same. It is the best decision I made in my entire life and I am so thankful to have peace knowing my final destiny and being able to understand many complex issues in life. If you want my advice, of course, I say, kneel quickly as you can and repent of your life sins and as for forgiveness from God and tell Him you want Jesus as your Lord of your life and your Savior from spiritual death to have spiritual life.



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