Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Are His Child

We need to remember we are His child!
We are all born a child. In all the innocence and beauty of a newborn, we are not perfect in our form.

We are missing the part our Creator most desires us to have Spiritual Life.

As the proud parents and grandparents coo over every movement of the precious babe, reality boldly holds the true condition of one’s soul:
Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin,and so death spread to all men, because all sinned (Romans 5:12 NAS).

As the years rush past –all the birthdays, holidays, and events of life – we lose track of how quickly a child grows. As I flip through a photo album of my children’s younger days, I wonder. Why did I fret so about decorations? Did it really matter what he wore? How many times of anything this life has to offer is enough?

But life doesn’t sit still as a photo does in an album upon the bottom shelf, every day we change. Every
day brings its own choice. How will I spend my day? More importantly, with whom will I spend my day?

It doesn’t matter our age, we possess free will. As a mother of three, I have seen this more clearly in the
life of each little child I am trusted to raise. If God takes the time to number our days, then certainly
how we live each day is important.

So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom (Psalms 90:12 NAS).

The little child in us, the created “child of God”, must decide what so many people think they can cheat or ignore.

Will I live my life for God? Will I willingly be His adopted child? Will I inherit it all?

One way or another - it is a decision each person MUST make.

For most who choose to you believe in Jesus they wonder how anyone could possibly ignore making an intentional decision to receive the grace and forgiveness available to everyone who cries out to Jesus as Lord. A few Easters past, my teenage daughter, with tear-filled eyes, pondered what Jesus did for us because we sin.

As a little child, we fill our days with pleasure and play. So many continue to play ignoring the condition of their soul, trying to delay reckoning with God. Do we really think tinkering with toys and tinsel of this world really can bring hope, joy, and love? We choose broken trinkets over blessed gems. How misunderstood is God and His ways!

We are His little child, and He wants us to know Him and how we should live. He doesn’t want us to
become old cranky folks too rigid to swim, laugh or dance. No, it is through abiding in Him, hanging on (perservering), and the fact that HE never lets go that we remain young.

He is the source of eternal life – the fountain of forever young at heart.

If you have not yet, He is worthy of your trust. He is able. Take hold of His hand. Trust Him to know how to raise you up, and your little child-like soul can say, “Here I am, Papa!”

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