Sunday, September 30, 2012

God Grasped His Hand

He reached out, but no one saw his hand. 

It was invisible -even to those who loved him most. They simply didn't see the pain crying on the inside, held so close, so tightly, walled-up inside for so many years. Every now and then, he sensed he would crack, it scared him so much. He didn't dare want to hurt a soul. 

He tried everything he could think of to do - to hold on to life. But in his soul he was tormented - voices condemning, trapping, haunting. 

He would wake up at night in a cold sweat, panting, grasping for air. How could he go on? How long could he live a charade? 

God saw his pain. He cried out to Him, "Help me, God, please help me. I can't do this anymore. I am losing it. I might let go..."....he lifted up the gun, pressed the trigger against his head and in an instant God grasped his hand.

This post is part of Five Minute Friday!
Let me explain:

Lisa-Jo Baker has a blog that I love to read. She has this thing on Fridays - Five Minute Friday. You guessed it; write for five minutes straight. No editing. No re-do. She gives the topic and you just write. Then you link it up to her site, comment on the other link-er before you and boom-hundreds of bloggers are writing about the same subject on the same day. 
Today's Topic: Grasp

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