Monday, September 3, 2012

Endless Beauty

We live in a special time in history. We are blessed with the ability to be immersed in endless beauty if we so choose. By the moving our fingertips across little keys we can find sight after sight of photos providing us a precious moment, a creative setting, and a wonderous view of nature from literally around the world.

Our eyes are able to feast upon the beauty found in every corner of the earth.

I love how pictures speak so many words to our hearts, and to each the message is uniquely their own.

I am simply awed by the beauty that can be found in every day of our life if we choose to open our senses and absorb... to see, to listen, to hear, to touch, and to intentionally interact.

 While nature for me brings a closeness heaven- my retreat from all that drains me in daily life, I purposely surround  my home with beauty too. Soft, bold, reflective, and nurturing items that reinforce the joy in my heart seeded by God and to water my soul.

So, choose today to take the time to notice the endless beauty! It is there - where ever you may go - you simply need to be open to notice it.

I one time found a flower in the desert in November; I needed it so much. Through it I felt God's love and comfort at that precise moment that I needed to know I was loved.

Aim to walk a little slower, observe a little deeper, and pause to cherish what is spoken to your soul when you spot a such a blessed gift of endless beauty.

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