Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Herman Cain! - Time to Topple Northeastern Elitist

Herman Cain is the candidate conservative republican have been longing for decades! I am disgusted by Republican Elites that say he is not electable!  The Northeast Elites who hog-tie the rest of the Nation's American Republicans need to be dethroned! I am sick of their Presidential nomination process. It is a charade, not a genuine candidate nomination process. Why?

  • They pick who they want and marginalize all other candidates. We end up with McCain and Dole... "me-too" melba toast candidates that I couldn't get my living room full to come hear them speak.
  • They are so prejudice that when we finally have a brilliant Black American (Herman Cain) running for president they ignore him to the point of being indignant toward non-prejudice Republicans.
  • They dribble out our primary election with one sacred cow state after another getting to crown the nomination king before the majority of Republican get a chance to vote in the primary.
  • They use strong Christian American support to get the vote out but make us pull the lever for their slimy RINOs instead of giving any credibility or elect-ability support to Strong Christian candidates like Rick Santorum.
We need to be the "Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King Republicans", not ivy league silver spoon lackeys. 

The local Republican Party county and State base needs to reclaim their National Republican party or leave it!

We are the grassroot hardworking foundation and if they ignore us or push another bad candidate down our throats we need to establish a NEW REPUBLICAN party! If we need a name: what about the Genuine Old Republican Party! 

We must stop being helpless beaten people submitting and slaving to the carpetbaggers of the NorthEast.

And that is my opinion. I welcome yours.

(only comments the are decent and on the point will be allowed, no trolls!)

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