Monday, September 26, 2011

Dirty Jobs at Home - Cat Litter Lesson

Cat Litter 101 is beginning! Every homemaker knows, we often have dirty jobs.  But in everything we do, even Cat Litter!, we can learn more about ourselves, and our  relationships with others. The mundane is never meaningless when you have a God-centered perspective in life. (I often hear preachers say, "my family rolls their eyes because I can find a sermon in any situation..." I can't respond or speak for a pastor but as a Follower of Jesus, and therefore one who listens to God, He is always speaking love, assurance and restoration to my soul even in dirty jobs.)
I keep laughing at this - a Cat Litter CAKE!

Couldn't help but show this "Cat Litter Cake"... wonder what my family would say if I served this dessert? (here is your laugh for the day:)

And my blog gives me a place to share a few of these moments. I hope you will enjoy, and relate, but most of all I desire for you to experience your own special moments as you walk with Him.

 I tackled the well-overdue cat litter box today. I wish it was as small of a task as it is to write about it in a short sentence. I simply dislike the smell... I know that is normal so at least I have a few normal qualities. But it seems it only is intense enough for my nose to do something about it. (Can I get an AMEM?!?)

The four other people in the house - I am sure - also smell IT, but when the dirty job of cleaning needs to be done - make room for mom! Chocolate brownies... fly out of the kitchen without one person thinking of leaving "it" for mom... but stinky cat litter has mom's name all over it. At least at our home.

So I decided to tackle this dirty job today!

 I am trying a new system of a cardboard type absorbing liner tray placed inside the plastic tray instead of those plastic bag liners. After dumping the old liner box into a large outdoor bag, I began all fresh with a new disposable cardboard liner (I am sure it is made of recycled paper).

Now to the pleasant part:

I filled it with litter (frankly, there are so many different types of cat litter: "for small spaces," "for immediate release," "for fresh scent," "for non-clumping" etc. at the grocery store I just stare at all the varieties. I get puzzled as to which would be best for my home and wishing they would combine all those qualities into one container. Usually I go with the color or design that is most appealing on the label.). The one I had today had little bright green crystals mixed into the the grey litter. At least it looked nice when it was first poured in, and smelt nice too!

But taking on any job at home is never a one step undertaking.... (do you so totally understand?)

The cat area is a mess! scattered litter all over the floor and bench... the big plastic tray container holding the food and water bowls looks like something white is growing in a few of the corners... and the mat (a picture place-mat of fresh green the cat might think he is stepping onto grass or maybe it is for the human's benefit). The grassy pictured mat is covered with grey matter that has been crumbling chalk dust attempting a litter craft.

Armed with the vacuum, I tackle litter-sprinkled carpet, and you know how easy it is to get distracted... I ended up vacuuming the first five steps that somehow never get done and the landing, before my brain reminds me to get back to the litter area.

Then back to the cat spot, washing down the once white bench with whatever liquid sprayer I can find within  arm's length reach (409 or lysol) and wipe it with a handy towel tossed in the corner by some member of our family. I pick up the trays and the bowls and head to the tub to give them a real heavy duty bath. I guess I was serious about the cat corner today because it received the imperial Mom-Best dirty job cleaning!

Enough to make sweat bead down my face... and then I know it is time for a cup of coffee and to reclaim my non-menopausal body temperature! 

Half an hour or so later, I head back to litter corner. Placing newly cleaned items back and carrying down the trash bags, I  have a sense of accomplishment. And I laugh at myself thinking "I must have a really boring life" if that is an accomplishment for me!

But as in everything in life, God keeps trying to teach me in analogies... this time I am hearing about "my dirt", and how He does the dirty job of keeping me clean and it is no more fun for Him then it is for me. Dirty jobs simply must be done or they build and build and build. Isn't sin like that in our life? Sins never magically resolve themselves.

One thing that keeps revolving in my mind is if I had a regular routine, these jobs wouldn't be so dirty. If I scooped daily, and ran the quick vacuum every few days, and swished a soapy towel around the trays before the build-up.... the task could possibly be a mild event or dare I say pleasant. I am sure this is certainly a parallel to our own life. Regular attention and care - like balancing our checkbook, flossing  our teeth, or weeding the boarders ... is always a more "do-able" small task if done frequently.

And I reflect - do I regularly allow God to clean me up or do I wait until I break down or stink up everything. I don't want to reflect long because I know the answer all too well... what about you?

So what dirty jobs have you accomplished? Or better yet, how have you learned to regularly take a once "dirty job' and make it pleasant? 


  1. Lindy,

    I love that you wrote about cat litter. I am so glad that I am not the only one God speaks to in the midst of "dirty" jobs! I find that God almost always speaks to me when I clean my bathroom. Why is it that my mind doesn't become still enough to really hear Him unless I'm cleaning? Hmmmm.

    Good post!

  2. Cheri, likewise I love hearing that God speaks to you in these simply ways. Sometimes people think I am "faking it" that it couldn't be possible to hear God talk when you do mundane things but He talks to me all the time in so many ways. I feel a kindred spirit toward you and what you shared. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Confession: I was a stinker at 7:30 a.m. My kids' messy messy messy rooms just got to be and I turned sergeant. Hup two three four. I pray I didn't trample their spirits. However, they ARE cleaning their rooms after school. Ha!

  4. Okay Girls, I don't have a kittykat, but my hat is off to you for your willingness to devour (clean) that litter cake up. So true Lindy, that our sins (our dirt)can build up quickly if we don't regularly present them to the Lord. Many times our dirt is: those things we sometimes fail to call sin, like reactions to people or situations. The blood of Jesus never loses it's power to clean up the build up in our hearts. Thanks for sharing your "whisper" from God with us! Pam Mosher


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