Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony is Guilty - Of What?

Telling the Truth is the only Hope of Being Set Free
A jury of Casey Anthony's peers found her not guilty!!! of murder 1, aggrevated child abuse, and manslaughter. She was found guilty of lying to officers. Everyone knows this is true. She definitely lied to the officers. Three years of propoganda against Casey Anthony has been defeated. Caylee has not been given justice, but Casey has. It was an American virtue to not be charged for a crime that was not proven. And this has been renewed for each of us as citizens.

To be honest, something in my heart of hearts has told me that this case is not about truth - it is about lies.

This case is a cause for us to learn:
  • You should not convict someone until they have their day in court.
  • Evidence must prove guilt beyond a shadow of doubt.
  • The media, public and talking heads do not have the facts.
  • Murder is not right no matter who does it.
No doubt Casey Anthony is guilty, no matter what the verdict of the jury says! But we must all ask, looking at the facts, what is she guilty of? We are a country of laws that give each American citizen the God given right to be innocent of a crime until proven guilty.

I do not always agree with the verdict of the jury. But I do in this case! I saw no facts proving Casey Anthony was guilty of murder or of child abuse. I want to know what really happen, but I am so relieved. Hopefully one day we will hear the truth. This is a lesson in not listening to talking heads.

We must remember a shameful reality of our court system today. Trials are not about truth. Trails are about winning. The State prosecuter wants to win. The Defense wants to win. Both care not about what really happen to Kayle, and this is pitiful. Truth does not always win out in courts of law. It should be based on facts.

The judge allowed the State to present evidence that was given only to make the jury angry and dislike her. The State spent millions of dollars against her. Still the government did not meet it's burden, and justifiably given a "not guilty" verdict. The jury did what it was suppose to do. They decided the State did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

What do we know with absolutely?:
  • Casey became pregnant at the age of 19.
  • Cindy and George (her grandparents) took good care of Caylee.
  • Many photos and videos show Caylee was happy. She enjoyed time with her mom.
  • Caylee was taken care of with a clean home, toy filled backyard,
  • Caylee is dead.
  • The decomposed bones of her body was found in a swamp.
  • Casey would not tell anyone where Caylee was while she was missing.
  • Casey had a tatoo, danced, partied and lied.
  • Her family has many relationship problems. It was common to hide truth and lie in her family.
The very best action Casey Anthony could take was to speak the truth, to tell exactly what happened. It would be better to die of the death penalty and tell the truth, than to lie. The only way for Casey be ever be free is to come clean and tell the truth. If she does not satan will imprision her for life.

None of us know what happened, expect Casey Anthony. Whether we will ever know the truth, the facts presented as evidence did not tell us what happen. Aggravated child abuse has not been established by the state. Matter of fact, it is insulting to people who have been horrifically abused to hear the State claim this charge.

I don't think I would personally like Casey Anthony. From what I have seen it would have not be easy to be a friend. It would have torn me up to listen to her lie and toy with people who were seriously trying to find her daughter. Her behavior was bizarre. I usually don't say this but she appeared very selfish. She definitely emotionally detached herself from the events - almost a psychotic episode of detachment from reality.

My hope is that maybe now, Casey can tell the truth and really be set free. May God help her in these days to come to become really the person He created her to be. And the guilty whomever they may be, I trust God to punish. Caylee's death will be vidicated in the end. God will make sure of it - I am certain.

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