Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who Am I? According to God

Take a Gaze of the Self-Existent One
This conversation reminded me of "Who Am I?" in comparison to God!

I received this recent response to a book review I placed on amazon:
This was an intriguing "review" of Dr. Daft's book; it is interesting to see how some individuals believe that the world, and all the individuals within it, must cater to their dogma and frame ideas based upon a worldview they do not hold in order for those ideas to be given serious consideration. Very interesting indeed . . .
So this was my reply:

Hrbizstudent, you misunderstand. Not at all!

I do not believe all individuals must cater to my dogma nor my frame of ideas based upon the worldview "they do not hold in order for those ideas to be given serious consideration." I have no dogma, framework or worldview of my own. I simply believe God's worldview, and naturally so, since He alone is the One who created and set in motion all that we know and live in - our reality - our world.

Quite opposite to what you state - His worldview is given all serious consideration and validity apart from whether anyone "holds them" or denies them. He is self-existent! He so are his ways not dependent upon anyone's belief. God and His ways remain, even in the midst of total rejection and denial.

This is the mindset you are unaware of if you make such a claim.

If I die and never read, breathe or write another word, God and His worldview and His ways remain - and therefore MUST be dealt with even by if people believing as you deal with by rejecting or claiming to be "very interesting indeed".

The views of man has no effect on the reality of God. And is that not such a wonderful fact, because if God was left to man we would certainly completely mess Him up as we often do in the churches and denominational organizations of today. 

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