Saturday, June 4, 2011

Awake! Book Review of The Future War of the Church By Chuck Pierce


The cry of Chuck Pierce book, The Future War of the Church is for the Church to awake! While I am a quick reader, I was still surprised last night I read this 300 page book in full. I could not put it down because in it is an urgent message for members of the body of Christ, particularly those who are still finding God asking them to align and not abandon the local church - even if the local church has abandoned them. Originally written in 2001 prior to 9/11 (and revised/updated/re-released in 2007) the prophetic words are rich with punctuation now of how the Spirit of God is supplying the ministry and message given to Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema.

We, the Church, the Body of Christ, must not run and hide, nor fearfully reject the non-traditionalism move of the Holy Spirit. That which we don't understand, can still be quite grounded in the Word of God. The Church NEEDS its gifted apostles and prophets just as much as it needs its pastors, teachers and evangelists! Who is man, apart of the Spirit, to determine what is of God and what is not? Is not that the office of the Holy Spirit to confirm or deny a moving of God? Too long has the members of Christ who are gifted in Apostolic and Prophetic ministries been sidelined, removed, stripped of authority, and denied access to the local church.

What are We afraid of - that the Spirit of God might take control of equipping His people for the work of the ministry? Is it that leaders in churches do not want to see God's power distributed freely as He chooses, in the manner He decides, in the timing He ordains, in the way He designs, through the vessels He deems? Is the controlling spirit so strong in the halls and office of pastoral staff? Are they afraid God might call them to serve and minister to the very disciples of Jesus that are not contained by tradition and conditioned by seminary schooling, and therefore not rendered controllable by administrators or executives of the hierarchal norm found in the majority of denominational churches?

God has a plan! He is preparing new wineskin! God is on the move! We either join Him or we quench His Spirit to empower and release supernatural ability to harvest the lost and captive to the father of this world. Since we don't fight against flesh and blood, why do churches attempt to lead in it! The Future of the Church and its powerful role to defeat lawlessness and to bring God's order to the earth depends on our readiness. This is War! We must be disciplined in the ways of spiritual battle. The fight against darkness has its key focus on prayer for standing strong in the very real battle that we are already surrounded by. Is the Church willing to be used? Are you positioning yourself to be prepared for the day God calls you to "Fear not, and tread forth!"? Is this is your heart-cry? If so, read this book by Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema and awaken your mind and spirit to God.

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