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Two Men, Two Very Different Lives, Two Religions - You must choose which one is truth!

Every person must choose.....
Two men, born into the Middle East about 600 years and 750 miles apart. Today, more than a millennium after their deaths, they each have millions of people following their teachings of how to know, obey and live for God.

During the time of the first man, the Palestinian land (the land of the Philistines - remember David and Goliath) belonged to the Jews, given by God as their promise land shown to Moses and entered by Joshua, continuing during the the reign of King Saul in 1020 BC though the occupation and then governed of the Roman Empire in 73 BC. During the time of the later man, his followers through bloody attack conquest-ed the Palestinian land for Islamic Arabs in 638 AD.

Jerusalem, with deep religious focus, became a holy city for both men's followers. One, being a Jew, visit Jerusalem yearly throughout his life and as an adult peacefully, entered the city on a donkey (a symbol of peace) to a crowd hailing Him with palm branches repeatedly saying, "Hosanna, Hosanna to the Highest" (the word for rescue me, save me, salvation). This compassionate man spoke as one with authority, teaching followers to love their enemies,  healing the sick, and miraculously even raising a man from the dead. He never carried a sword. Moreover, he never took one human life, though he healed and saved many. He never forced for people to convert to His teachings, and discouraged those who did not count the cost of submission to God discipleship to follow him. He boldly offered forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Heaven to all who by grace believed He was sent by God, being His begotten Son, to live, die, be buried and rise conquering physical death and eternal separation from God.  And to those who didn't choose to believe, He became a man of sorrow, burdened for them, in tears he cried for Israel out of deep desire that they would believe. But never coercing , he honored each  to have a free will to choose who to believe and how to live.

The other had nighttime visions of conquest of Jerusalem, where he dreamed of being taken about by Angela Gabriel. He used fear, intimidation and lethal force to demand all people to believe His message and the words He wrote in the book of Islam, the Koran. He spoke of only followers of Islam having the right to live, possess and live a protected, life. Non-believers (particularly calling out Jewish and Christian believers) were to be scorned, punished, hated and even killed all in the name of supporting Allah, the name he gave for god. Paradise was a place for Islams alone, and only Islamic believers had protected rights and life. This man led wielding a sword dripping with the blood of thousands of decapitated people who did not believe in him nor his teachings. It was never recorded they he shed a tear of mercy for unbelievers. And Moreover, he called upon his followers to kill those who did not believe in his words. In conquest, he entered cities by violent warring force and plundered people, property and governance.

One man never married, never enjoyed the pleasure of intimate relations with a women. He lived a humble live teaching his followers to abstain from sin, such as lust in the heart, and certainly never to divorce his own nor cover another's wife. The other man had multiple wives, some writings claim 11 others 13, while the number is unclear, without a doubt he was both a polygamist and a pedophile. His youngest wife was 6 years old and he began to sexually raped her at age 9. This child remained with him for nine years sexually abused until his death.

Innocence of a Child

Upon their death, the first man was killed by Jewish leaders of his time because He claimed to be the son of God, the only begotten, one equal to God, and possessing full authority of Father God. The leaders claimed he blasphemed God. Dying upon the cross, He cried out for the forgiveness of those who killed Him in torturous ridicule, beatings and ending, in the painful death by crucifixion. Nailed upon the cross, He compassionately pleaded his murderers forgiveness saying  that they did not know what they were doing. And suffering under the weight of the sin of mankind born into his being, in agony, He cried out that he did understand why He was forsaken upon the cross. The year was 30 AD (Ante Dominion meaning the year of the Lord). Three days after his death and burial, he was witnessed by thousands to have resurrected from the dead, and seen ascending into the Heaven.

The other man died on his bed in 632 AD asking his followers to vow allegiance and to finish what he had began of eradicating the world of Jews, Christians and non-Islamic believers through warring force of the beheading sword fights and capturing women and children for slavery or forcefully taking them as wives. He is not recorded in his writings to have ever forgiven nor petitioned to God for the forgiveness of those who disagreed with him. He died, and was buried. He was never seen again by any witness. The spiritual leaders who followed him continued his murderous conquests, and conversion to his teachings by force.

I have written a historical account of the lives and death of two men who very different lives.

One man, the first, describes the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, God's only begotten son. Jesus came to fulfill God Holy Book of the Jews and after his death the New Testament was compiled by those who knew Him.

The other man, the second, describes Muhammad, a prophet of men, calling all to worship Allah, god of Islam, and the Koran, the Holy Book written by himself.

Consider Jesus and Mohammed portrayed side by side - which is worthy of adoration?

Jesus                                                                         Mohammed
Jewish born in Palestine land            Arab born in Saudi Arabia

3 A. D - 36 A.D. (approx)                 570 A.D. - 632 A.D.

Founder of Christianity                      Founder of Islam faith

Spoke to Father God                          Spoke to Angel Gabriel

God's only begotten Son                     Prophet, messenger of god

Single, sexually pure                           Married 11+ wives, a 6 yr old

Healed sick, raised dead                      Beheaded 1000's by sword

Taught to love enemies                        Taught to kill enemies

Came for all people/Nations                 Came for Mid East/ Muslims

Willing died to save all on cross            Fell ill and Died on bed

Buried and rose alive witnessed             Buried and stayed dead
   by 500+ people, ascended to

Seated at the Right hand of God,             Dead, decomposed, his                
    Interceding for Believers                         spirit awaits judgement

Will return to Judge the living                   Will face Jesus's as his 
 and dead, and throw Satan                        Judge, bowing before  
 and demons in permanent                         Jesus, knowing Him as 
 lake of fire.                                                 Lord and receive  
                                                                    eternal judgement.

Which man, to you, lived a godly live that should be esteemed by others to imitate and follow? Who do you choose to believe and obey?

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