Friday, May 27, 2011

Stress, Mess and Lazy Weekends Go-together So Well

Is it just my life, or do you relate? 

I roll out of bed and hit the ground running. Oh, where is that daytimer...hmm, I just remembered I forgot to pick it up last Tuesday when I received a call from Captain D's. I left my calender/scheduler/my life organizer on the bench of Captain D's. Why I bring stuff like that in a fast food restaurant -I never will know. You think after 15 years of parenting, and having three children I wouldn't think I might get to look through my scheduler while I swallow down a baked potatoe (Quayle spelling) and tea, and listen to my tween/teens graze through conversation as their chicken dinner disappears. But, yes, it is Sunday, and my scheduler hopefully is still behind the counter.

Nothing to worry too much about it just had my original Social Security Card and some other papers I tucked away into it when I took my oldest a few weeks ago to his second failed attempt to get a driver's permit. (He thinks he can pass without studying...retaking tests appears to be a new way of learning)

Don't ask where Tuesday to Sunday went. If my life is anything like yours, half of it was in my car limoing (did I create a new word?) a child here, another there, picking up friends, dropping off overdue library books.... Yes, once again my library books are overdue, I think two weeks this time. I yearly make a "donation" to the county library so that I can take home more books to rack up more fees.

And this week had a very special celebration, to ring the weekend in, and rush me all around town. My middle son had his 14th birthday party. Thank God, he is pretty laid back and isn't into fru-fru decorations, events, activities. (Although we did shop for his gifts from 10 am til 3 when we picked up one of his friends thirty minutes late.) I had no real planning to do. He was just meeting three friends (I set the limit for the sake of midnight noise control) at the local mall to hear their youth group band do a live acoustic set in a store about the size of a fancy mansion's clothes closet. I was informed by my daughter that the store required you to be an emo or was it emu in order to enter as a girl. Something about having a wildish, Gothic-like, cool look, which she didn't have and so she stayed out in the mall walking around with her dad and me (oh, what joy for a tween!)

After about an hour, the party group was all ready to get into my car. Dad took off with sister to pick up the pizzas. Mom headed to the grocery store to get cake, ice cream and soft drinks. I know, you just love how prepared I am. I run in the store in the middle of a heavy drizzle and a great view of a perfect rainbow! Speeding around the Indy, tackling all the needed items and a few extra: chips, batteries, nightlight....I get a call before I can check out. The boys have set off the car alarm! Finding a safe place to park my cart, I quickly head outside to the beeping car and teens boys laughing their heads off. I tell them I have to run back in and, by the way, "Your dad called and told me to hurry because a tornado was on the way!" Leaving the now, panicking boys I head back in to complete my purchase. (Seriously, my husband had called me while I was in the store, but I know my husband well enough to know it is about 30 minutes away...for me, that is lots of time!)

We zip out of the parking lot and get into the house where dear hubby is holding down storm track central. After the excitement of pea-size hail, wind and rain, the party heads upstairs for gaming. I am not gonna go into the rest of the lively details, just know I was patrolling upstairs at midnight after a wild dance of "jump on it" made it sound like buffalo were migrating on my bedroom ceiling.

Laying down in my bed, I finish my Novel, When Heaven and Hell Changed Places, truly a great story about the Vietnam war from the point of view of a precious Vietnamese child - now American women. And I fell asleep, to only begin my morning rolling out of bed in half-sleep after 6 am, making my way to the kitchen to put the Pillsbury grand cinnamon rolls (all 15 of them) in the oven to greet the hungry boys before they launch off to church with my husband that teaches Sunday School. Nothing like sugar to get teen boys rolling fast in the morning! (:

I get back in bed, watch some news (another billion $ bailout is planned...and they call this news), read the paper (only takes a few minutes now because they have no writers on staff anymore due to cutbacks), and pick up my next book to read, And The Rain Fell Hard, a novel by a GI from the Vietnam War. (I bought four books from different perspectives because I wanted to get an all around view of what happen...OK, now you know, I like/love to read, and learn, and see lessons in life.) Getting sleepy-eyed, I fall back asleep about 10 am, just in time so my dear husband will come home from church and think I have slept the morning away. (yes, he did!)

So, I will get off this computer and head out into the house of mess, dust and believe-it-or-nots. Stress, mess and lazy weekends go-together so well. I push my children so much during the week to get things done, I think everyone needs a break...including me. (And I wonder why I feel like I am having an elephant on my chest just in time for Sunday night church, you think I would learn a new way) If I leave everything as it is and walk with tunnel vision, I just experience stress. If I start to clean, as I see everything that needs to be done, I am sweaty exhausted and anxious because I will never finish, and of course, because I never gave myself a chance to rest...before the rush of the weeks starts all over again.

For my organized, compulsive readers, just pretend my house looks just as nice as works for me(:

Now why did I come to this computer in the first place, check email, write an article for the e-magazine, research potential 25th anniversary destinations....oh, I was going to read my Bible and write a short devotion. I wanted it to be real. My Bible is still on my lap...and I am not sure I have any material here to springboard from. Now let's, one of my favorite verses is "Be Still and Know That I am God!" Maybe I could start there.

(This is a republished post from 3/29/09)

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