Friday, May 20, 2011

Plese woch my mom Plese God - God hears and answers Prayer

A beautiful, cherry-wood prayer box rests on my dresser. I first purchased it as a mother's gift for my husband's mom a decade or more ago. When she died from cancer complications, it was one of the few things I desired from among her belongings. A faithful woman of prayer sits at the feet of God lifting up her petitions, even pleas,  portrays the impressionist painting on the lid.

Opening the box to retrieve another treasure dear to my heart, a charm bracelet started by my child two Christmases ago. What a joyful reminder my children have bestowed on me to know their desire of their heart for me in each selected charm... a gift of what they think and remember.

Clasping the bracelet my eyes caught site of the back of a little white business card with large letter pencil writing. Lifting it up to read and recall... an innocent child, troubled, hurting... my own sweet daughter deep in concern for her mom... prints a beautiful prayer of faith - one of those "unless we become like little children" God-size pleas:   Plese woch MY Mom Plese GOD.

God hears a child's heartfelt plea!
And the years of suffering during the recovery and healing years run through my inner sight. Sad, chaos, and compassion used to fill me until regret swelled up and rolled as a tear down my cheek. mom... the longing of my heart, so close, but yet so troubling far from consistent reality.

God hears. He heard the plea of a little girl with enough faith to print her request to Almighty God and leave it with Him in her mother's prayer box, knowing with Him on watch her mom would be safe. And God answered her plea in so many wonderful ways that are still being revealed every day.

I am changed!

Peace washes over me as I hold the card in my hand... a deep sense of joy, knowing God watched over me. God heard and answered my daughter's request. And I am the grateful recipient of unfailing, boundless, healing love!

Praise God! And thank you my sweet daughter! Thank you for praying for me!

Has God answered a prayer made for your on your behalf by one who fervently believed?


  1. thankyou for sharing that is so sweet!

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