Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is There Some ONE You Need To Forgive?


You are not alone. Forgive yourself. Give yourself this freeing  gift!
How do you hear that word? Releasing, condemning, sweet, burdened, stuck, free.

What does it feel like? shameful, glorious, sorrowful, joyful, negative, positive.

Who do you think of? a sin against you, a sin you committed, the blood of Jesus.

Most people have been told they should forgive others, and may struggle with doing so. But usually when they understand the blood of Jesus paid the debt, how can you not release the injustice committed against you? We get this, so we work toward and try to do it in our life. Releasing people from owing us a debt.

How often though do we not forgive ourselves?

We berate ourselves over our failures, sins, missed opportunities, etc. It doesn't matter what "It" is.... We must learn that God can forgive us and not bring our sin up again through the power of Jesus' blood. His righteous blood is enough for our sin, more than enough!!!

So we must do the same.... and forgive ourselves.  Jesus' blood removes the sin and balances the account of what we owe God and others (even what we may think we owe ourselves). Without looking back at "could have been," "should have done," "I knew better," "how could I," we need to allow the blood of Jesus to release us from all guilt, and apart from using "it" for ministry forward we must forget it and leave it behind.

Don't you dare let Satan win in your life!

Let the blood have powerful victory in your life. Forgive yourself!

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