Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Consistency is the Catalyst

We all have our issues.

Consistency raises high on the list of mine. I've understood the importance of it, longed for the habit of it and implemented methods obtain it. But still, after 20 years of blundering around a life of "if", "when" and "not" consistency demands from me my full attention.

Nature reminds us daily that we need to be consistent. 

Yes, I have had many reasons for not being, and the reasons are very sound, realistic problems that had to be faced first. I am learning that I can not always conquer the largest or most obvious answer because a long line of little dominoes must be lifted prior to tackling consistency.

Recently, I find myself finally able to make goals, and keep them for at least a few days at a time. Plus the down time is short before I am back on track again. I've been amazed at how powerful of thing consistency can be. I am marveled how others change in response to dealing with someone who is basically consistent.

While I haven't reached any mountain top, by a long range, I am still on the mountain! And I have a really great safety rope of continual grace keeping me from dropping on the rocks at the bottom. I still stumble... doesn't everyone? Today I praise to God because true healing has taken place and I have worked through many issues to get to where I am today.

If you find something like consistency to be easy, be thankful. You are blessed. You have not been dealt so much trauma in your life that you live life from the bottom looking up. Keep going strong, because it is a wonderful place to be. I do have one suggestion for you, because it has happen to me so many times. If you see someone else that lacks this skill, don't just keep pointing it out. Ask if there is anything you can do to help or what is it that they most need at that given time. They might looked shocked at first, startled at such a concept, but if you really want to help, listen for their answer.

What about you? Is this an area you struggle? Does lack of consistency negatively effect your life?

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