Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gift Book - God's Promises for the American Patriot

A Little Gift Book
Dr. Richard Lee's gift book, God's Promises for the America Patriot, follows his recent Patriot's Bible and a 365 day devotional. This little 4 by 6 inch book clearly was published as a marketable spin-off the most recent publishing success. While it is riding the tails of detailed, enlightening work, the minute I placed it in my hands I knew it was not a serious attempt at publishing a lasting work but just "another book" to make a buck off of a popular title or theme.

Many parents or friends may find it a suitable gift for a relative in the military or a history buff but I doubt few will ever really read it. The book follows a very simple format of a snippet of history written in about 200 words or most often less and the opposite page has several Bible verses that coordinate with the historical topic written.

The brief historical facts are enlightening and should be facts taught in school history books that are now weakened down so much to make them tolerant to everyone. It is nice to find some true nuggets of history. I have recently seen some much better publications recently released by other publishers and others that are more of a real resource than a simple "gift book" or a book published to make money off the success of much better quality books, such as the 365 day devotional by Dr. Richard Lee, In God We Trust.  

While it is not a bad book, it is not one I would ever go to for information or a quiet devotion... it falls short on both of these reasons for having a book.

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