Thursday, March 10, 2011

Union Thugs, Mad Mobs and Teachers

What do Union Thug Leaders, Mad Angry Mobs and Fearful Teachers have in common? They are not living Christlike lives, putting their faith and trust in God.

Not all teachers are angry, fearful or upset but many are. When I was a new teacher I was a little afraid, because I decided not to join the teachers union. I was a young Jesus freak and wanted to trust God alone as my mediator between myself and my boss. I knew nothing came to me without God allowing it and felt confident He would represent me well.

 I think I was the only teacher in my public school to not join the union. I found out quickly that you can be ostracized, and was spoken to by a few well-established teachers in the school encouraging me to join. None of these teachers wanted to know if I need help teaching or getting my class set up or mentoring on how to deal with struggling students. That would be asked by co-workers who cared about teachers, their students and the high-calling of being a teacher of children.  

Yesterday, on March 9, 2011, the WI State Representative still doing their elected duty (Dems are off in IL being financially put up for weeks by who knows who in a tactic to stop the legislative branch of the government in WI) passed a law to limit union collective bargaining... here are details I found at Heritage Foundation:

 What about Wisconsin?
  • In Wisconsin: Governor Scott Walker (R) is reforming collective bargaining. His proposal restores voter control over most spending decisions but does not completely eliminate collective bargaining.
  • Reforms: Walker’s proposal restricts government unions to negotiating over wages only, and not benefits or work rules (such as job guarantees for failing teachers). Voters would have to approve any wage increase beyond inflation. Unions would have to demonstrate that they have the support of a majority of members through an annual secret ballot. Wisconsin would stop subsidizing union fundraising by collecting union dues through its payroll system, and would no longer fire workers who choose not to pay union dues.
  • Is This Union Busting? A union is only “busted” if its members are forced to quit the union. Giving employees the choice to pay or not pay expensive dues is hardly union busting. Under Walker’s plan, Wisconsin unions would still have considerably more negotiating power than even federal employee unions.
The law is not banning teachers from doing anything... it is just stopping the forcing of taxpayers to fund union organizations and leaders through money allocated to pay teachers. Why is everyone so upset? Nothing is being taken away from the WI. In reality something is being given to the teachers... freewill - a God given right being returned to the teachers. In 26 States teachers are forced to pay union fees which come directly out of their paycheck. Public schools can not hire non-union teachers! This is not only union thuggery - it is unconstitutional to force someone to pay for a service they do not want.

Why should WI legislature bow to the threats, shouts, and out of state union-supported mobs rioting in their State Capital? Maybe they need to teach representative government in public schools. 

States in America are sovereignly governed by the people of the State, not by the best-funded, loudest, roughest mob of people. 

And this lovely group of people descending on the WI capital caused millions of dollars of damage to their state capital... I hope a collective civil suit can be made against this collective bargaining union group to re-coup the cost for the damage they caused in WI during a time that the State is already over burdened with budget items. Or maybe the legislature should just compile an amount and equally divide the cost among all teachers who lied with false doctor slips to get out of teaching to protest.

In any case, I applaud the WI legislative representative and the WI governor for not giving in to mob rule! 

We don't want to become another Egypt or Libya, do we? We can voice our opinions respectfully and vote in elections!

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