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Two Very Different Islams

Days after 9/11, stickers popped up all over "Remember 911"! A decade later... still living in a world being attacked by Muslim terrorist .... are we any better informed? Are we remembering?

Last week in two different meetings two days apart in TN, attendees learned very different information on Islam and Sharia law.
Remember 911 - We must stay informed of truth about Islam/ Muslims.

One meeting was sponsored by 9.12 Project on Wednesday, March 15. I wanted to attend this meeting but conflict in my schedule occurred. Frank Gaffney, formerly President Reagan's assistant Secretary of Defense  informs and educates Americans around the country. He is someone who can give first-hand knowledge of Shariah law and the Muslim Brotherhood. He teaches how Muslim activist are infiltrating organizations (even Republican and conservative groups) to promote equality for Islam and fight "Islamphobia". He sees clearly in the riots and recent unstable Middle East nations that Muslims are moving toward their goal of a worldwide caliphate. Muslim Brotherhood is very active around the world today.

Here are some quotes from a recent article by Frank Gaffney:

For example, Shariah: The Threat to America provides several key insights that must be borne in mind in the current circumstances especially:
  • “The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928. Its express purpose was two-fold: (1) to implement shariah worldwide, and (2) to re-establish the global Islamic State (caliphate).
  • “Therefore, Al Qaeda and the MB have the same objectives. They differ only in the timing and tactics involved in realizing them.
  • “The Brotherhood’s creed is: ‘God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.’”
  • It is evident from the Creed, and from the Brotherhood’s history (and current activities)…that violence is an inherent part of the MB’s tactics. The MB is the root of the majority of Islamic terrorist groups in the world today.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is the ‘vanguard’ or tip-of-the-spear of the current Islamic Movement in the world. While there are other transnational organizations that share the MB’s goals (if not its tactics) – including al Qaeda, which was born out of the Brotherhood – the Ikhwan is by far the strongest and most organized. The Muslim Brotherhood is now active in over 80 countries around the world.
Of particular concern must be the purpose of the Brotherhood in the United States and other nations of the Free World:
  • “…The Ikhwan’s mission in the West is sedition in the furtherance of shariah’s supremacist agenda, not peaceful assimilation and co-existence with non-Muslim populations.”

 I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound like anything our current American administration is telling its citizens. They both can't be telling the truth. We are being lied to by someone.

The meeting other was a seminar held at Middle TN State University (my alumna). Honestly, I read about this meeting in the Daily News Journal, our local newspaper, and after noticing the speaker would be a professor coming from Vanderbilt University in Nasvhille, I had little faith that it would be accurate. It is a very sad truth of our times that a college or university is the very last place one could expect to hear a truthful seminar. In most incidents attendees will hear information that politically correct and left leaning but labeled scholarly.... otherwise - an absolute lie!

So I wasn't too surprised when I received an email from someone who attended. Here are a few quotes:

Wednesday, March 16, I attended a seminar entitled, "Shariah 101" at MTSU, led by Dr. Awadh Binhazim and hosted by the Muslim Student Association and facilitated by Dr. Ron Messier. ...

His presentation began, not with Shariah, but with a long explanation about the superiority of Islam itself. In his comparison with Christianity, he misused some illustrations. For example, in showing pictures of two veiled women, one Christian and one Muslim. ...

Dr. Binhazim stated that all Shariah practices are far from opposing the law of the USA. Academically this is incorrect, because many of us today know that Islamic law and American law contradict each other in so many areas. ...

To illustrate to the audience the glorious era of Islam today, he showed a picture of the tallest building in the world in Dubai, but he overlooked that this tallest building was built by non-Muslim designers and laborers, who were highly abused in the process. It is well-documented that these laborers were inhumanely treated in Dubai. ...

What really broke my heart was when a person in the meeting asked: "Do Muslims lie?" So boldly, Dr. Binhazim responded, "No". When the people in the meeting started to murmur, knowing that what he just said was not the truth, Dr. Messier, shared that a Muslim is allowed to not tell the full truth,  and gave the example of a life-threatening situation in which a Muslim can hide the truth and say he is not a Muslim. ...

It seems like Dr. Messier, either has compromised his academic integrity or does not know, because he lived a long time searching in the ruins of the Muslim world and not enough time among the living among the people. It is sad to call him a professor of the Middle Eastern Studies department with such poor knowledge of Islam. Did he compromise? Perhaps, because a lot of dignitaries and important people he deals with come from Muslim background.

How can there be two so different teaching on Islam? Clearly we are being lied to by people who are covering up or protecting Muslims. Shariah law is a aggressively oppressive and violently controlling code of law that does not, and never will be, capable of being legal in light of America's constitutional rights.

It is important that we become educated to know truth on topics. Unfortunately a college professor is the last person I would go to if I wanted to learn truth. Academia have long become walls of propaganda to indoctrinate student and elevate staff that teach the strong progressive (socialistic/communistic) agenda for almost 40 years.

This is just about enough time to completely control a population of any country.  It takes about one generation (40 years) to indoctrinate the people of a society... we saw this in pre-Nazism Germany, and many other States through history.

The blessing of America is we do not rely only on public education!  We can still self-educate!

Homeschooling, Christian and private schools have fought back against this false education, holding tight the line to truth in science, history, and social lessons. Americans don't have to drink the milk of textbooks paid for with billions of taxpayer dollars to misinform and prop up a false ideology. 

I encourage others (including my own family) to question, doubt, and think critically. Is what the person saying  logically accurate? Can you find facts to verify what is being taught when you do your own independent research? The only way to fight mis-education and lies is to make it your responsibility to study.

We willing to read and search out information on your own. Attend lectures and seminars but verify what you are being told. Always determine who a person is sponsored by and what the mission is of the person speaking or teaching. It is not only a responsibility to keep educated, but we must also speak out, and do not let people get away with speaking lies.

Being an alum, I will write a letter to the President of MTSU. We must hold people accountable to uphold truth. 

Don't forget - We promised to "Remember 911"! It is the least we can do in memory of those innocent people who were killed that day, and all the brave first responders and military soldiers protecting us since then.

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