Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out Live Your Life - Book Review

With the quantity of books to choose from, I seek to find gems that will last a lifetime and then some. As a writer, I want my articles to be timeless, not full of current catchy cliques and illustrations that will limit its value in years to come. 

Max Lucado teaches timeless truths in his book, Out Live Your Life. Here are a few: "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called," "Pentecost makes this promise: if you are in Christ, God's Spirit will speak through you,"and  "The cross of Christ creates a new people, a people unhindered by skin color or family feud." In these few examples I am certain you can glimpse the value and depth of the topics addresses in this book. But in classic Lucado-style, the book is such an easy read. 

As you float over the natural pace of the sentences and the simple illustrations you have to remind yourself to read slowly and pause on the truth of God which you can incorporate into your mindset to be conformed more into the Christ-likeness. This is a very practical book that can appeal equally to men and women readers, young and old.

The book includes a discussion and action guide to make it very useful for group study. I would love to see youth groups embrace a book like this that will mature our young adults with solid Biblical foundations in a very easy to read, practical format filled real life examples and stories.

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