Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An American Masterpiece - The Revolutionary War Battlefields&Blessing Devotional

An American Classic!
Jane Hampton Cook's The Revolutionary War, a book in the Battlefields & Blessing series by AMG's God and Country press, is a masterpiece! Any family desiring to foster an understanding of early America and a love for Its heroic foundation could not find a better researched source. It is a cornucopia of the greatness of our American heritage. 

I simply love this book! (And I don't say this normally or easily, when I read or review a book!) The entire Battlefield & Blessing series is an American treasure that should be incorporated into American history, civics, or military studies at all levels of education. But this book is sorely needed in our Nation since little is being taught about American exceptional-ism!

The beauty of this book is the depth of information broken into daily devotions that not only include historical facts but a daily Bible verse and prayer that coordinate with the devotion. I can see it incorporated by homeschool family curriculum, classrooms, civic groups, family devotional, a great addition for families who public school educated to share at home,and a lovely gift to any American citizen.

While I study a lot of information on American History and read many books throughout the year, I consider this book to be a livelong classic that can be passed down through generations. It is written in an eloquent style and sprinkled with little known historical facts that will delight most listeners. I consider this a must-buy for American families!

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