Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Much To Share?

 I have been doing some contemplating. Anyone that knows me deeply is now rolling eyes and possibly fallen off their chair and about the ground... because that is an understatement of my life... contemplating...

Bits of Information Mulling Around
Do others mull as much as I? I do not know because I only really know what goes on in my own soul. Thoughts, ideas, passion... are ever moving... like dough being kneaded over and over... given time to rise in thought and then punched down to rise again... Do you constantly do this too?

It is not that I doubt my soul. It is that my receptors are usually open, taking in odd bits of information, sensing all about inside and out, and trying to let what doesn't grab me pass along to another day or time.

How much do you share? Do you think it is a result of what you take in ....  think about... read... see? Are am I an endless circle of data on overload? Thinking too much about thinking...

Writing Inside Out

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  1. I think that it is good that you are so contemplative. Obviously, if it gets to ruminating, this is not so good, but prayerful consideration is the way to go. This post really made me think. Thanks. :)


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