Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who is Keeping Minorities "Under Their Thumb"?

Today, July 4, 2010 Americans equally protected under our constitutional law celebrate being a citizen of a great country and heroic past of laboring steadfastly to gain and keep freedoms.

But there are those in America today that feel they have been excluded from the hope of the "American Dream," and I say rightly so.

Many minorities in our country are being held down to menial odds of truly experiencing life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Who is keeping the minorities "under their thumb"? Read on to find out.

Look to the people in power who want to give a handout instead of a hand up. As long as they give a handout (welfare type programs) they can keep people groups under their control. If you want a person to have equal opportunity you teach the person how to fish, you don't give them a fish a day.

Who is pushing to keep citizens, especially poor, dependent on those in power, instead of teaching them how to become independent and free?

Who rallies around the concept of having the Government (those in power) provide all needs for people from birth to death... housing, food, education, health care, abortions, allowing all languages (including ghetto and Spanish) to be considered acceptable in schools?

At first, it appears caring, and "big-hearted" to be giving the poor and minorities everything they need. Who doesn't want to win the lottery of having life paid housing, food, education, health care, and the ability to not have to learn the English language but to keep your own? What may sound like a great deal is really keeping people enslaved to government!

Do you get to choose where you want to live when you live in government housing? Do you get to plant a garden or decorate your home? Do you earn equity? Do you eventually own personal land as property so that you can have a place to retire when you are in your old years?

No! You loose all these liberties when you opt to take government housing handouts for life. You loose, but those in power control your home-life condition for as long as you survive in the rough conditions (drugs, gangs, violence, rape, abortion, alcoholism, abuse) of government housing. 

If government housing is so great why don't the politician wanting to provide it move their families into one? You have got to be kidding, they live in exclusive private neighborhoods in homes that cost more than the average citizen will make in a lifetime.

Now we are in the third and fourth generation of families who have never owned property and never will because they have no incentive to work hard for it. They have no inheritance to pass onto their children. They can't see that "free housing" comes at a high cost, and takes away a lot of freedoms.

So what about food stamps, this should be so clearly understood through the old proverb of "if you give a person a fish they eat one day but if you teach them to fish they eat for life." Everyone needs help from a neighbor during hard times, but living on government food provisions, take away freedoms.

When a person goes to shop thinking their food is free they often don't choose the best diet, they pick the fast processed food. They often don't learn how to cook or how to produce their own food or how to can food to preserve for a later date.

When a person does not have to work for their food they become lazy. "Those who don't work, should not eat" is a simple godly principle for a good reason. Working for food benefits the person by giving them self-esteem, independence, and more choices.

What again appears to be a wonderful gift is really a way to keep a group of people dependent on those in power for their daily bread. This should not be so! Food stamps take away freedom, they don't build an ability to produce and provide for your own meals.

Free education from preschool to college sounds like a winning opportunity, but is it really? When you turn your children over to be educated by the government you give the government total control over what your child will be taught.

Do you have a say into what books your child studies, what curriculum your child learns, what worldview your child is taught? No, and today, in many schools you barely have the freedom to walk into the school much less hear what is being taught.

When my daughter was in second grade and didn't have a chair to sit in her science class, she and I were scolded by the teacher for her telling me and not handling it own her without needing her mother involved to help her. I was told I was fostering dependence on me. How odd... the school teachers want my child to be dependent on them not their parents.

When my children were in public school I never met the middle school teachers. I couldn't believe that teachers only had time to meet with parents whose children were failing or were causing problems. I couldn't believe a teach would not want to know the student's parents and to partner with them in their child's education. Parents today are often looked at as being ignorant, even if they have college degrees, because they are not a government educator. Is this freedom of education? No! It is government controlled indoctrination of our youngest citizens.

While I do know there are some wonderful public schools that are cherished places of education for the lucky students that get to attend, the mass of public school education is below what every parent seeking a future for the child would desire. And who is in the worst schools in America? Minorities, blacks, Hispanics, etc. are often in the roughest of schools.

Even in the great north states that tout opportunities for the least of these, keep their rich white children in their all white county schools and feel virtuous as they cross town to tutor the poor minority kids in the schools that have often have lower quality buildings, supplies, staff.

Now this is a broad statement to not be taken out of context - I am not saying all minority government school in poorer districts are below par school, but absolutely there is a huge difference between mostly all white, rich neighborhood school districts and poorer ones.

Why don't those in power, in the government, send their precious children to the schools they expect the poor and minorities to attend? Is free public education the wonderful ticket to the promise land of American prosperity? Government run programs always come at a high cost to freedoms, and equality of quality to all.

Parents are always the best teacher for their children, and should have a lot of input and opportunities/incentives for involvement in their child's education.  Public education that is locally run is so much more effective, because the very parents of the students have a high interest in the kind and quality of school their child will attend.

When immigrants are allowed to retain their homeland language instead of learning English, they are not being given a benefit. They are being guaranteed that they will never become a CEO, a politician, or a influential part of the American society. Children who are allowed to speak a ghetto-type language are not being helped .

They are being ensured that they will always be dependent on government to take care of them because they can't easily integrate into the working middle class and join the property ownership part of society. Not learning English as the only language taught in school is a tool used to keep certain people groups from ever rising high through the freedoms and dreams available in America education, and future opportunities.

So who is this group of people that are keeping minorities "under their thumb" for life? Look no further than the ruling Democrats and Progressive. They tout freedom and love for minorities but they are also the party of jim crow laws, abortion, handouts/welfare, KKK and every other measure to keep their control over the individual lives of Americans that should be guaranteed freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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  1. Reminds me of a book Star Parker wrote titled, "Uncle Sam's Plantation." Here is an article by her on the subject:

    She's running for Congress in California now too.



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