Friday, June 11, 2010

The Observable World Speaks For Itself

Can you see the tree? Do you see the leaves? Oh, look, not all trees have identical leaves. Some are so big, others are little. Some are soft, others are hard. Look closely at a leaf...any leaf will do...what do you see? Do you see a pattern of lines, so you see symmetry? Touch each leaf on one tree, feel them. Hold them up close to your eyes. Do the look alike? Is there something consistent about the leaves of a specific type of tree? Go ahead, have fun, collect some if you wish. Press them into a book or copy their design in a journal. Draw your own conclusions. Observe for yourself. Can you think of a theory - a statement that is consistent and common among all you have collect? This is the beginning steps of becoming a scientist - it is simple to do and quite fun.

While this seems like a simple elementary school lesson plan, I think it should be part of every level of study in general science or even biology or botany. Science classes need to spend more time exploring and observing then reading, memorizing and lecturing textbook facts. Not that there isn't a place for reading science textbooks but every topic that can be explored should be to enrich and provide first hand discovery. If something is scientific it is observable and it can be duplicated over and over.

So today, I have had the pleasure of a continuing conversation per my dear friends facebook page with a Mr. Thomas Root, an evolutionist, and Dr. Jay Wile, a creation scientist. To my delight I have been able to talk with both of these men through the facebook thread and highly enjoyed and learned so much in one day.

This is my latest and hopefully my concluding comment to the thread:

I also believed once in evolution and old earth. I even accepted the "fact" that God Himself could have used the process of evolution to create everything and that the Biblical stories were mere stories, even while thinking I was believing in ... God of the Bible.

I have learned so much from being open to reading and studying and questioning. It seems if you don't begin with a "faith" to cling to and find evidence to support your "faith" that you are more likely to honestly observe facts, result, data, etc. for truly what the outcome may be. And without ignoring results, data, research that doesn't fit your worldview, one is able to discover truthful facts instead of repeated stories.

I think some people think if you repeat a story long enough it become reality... but that is merely wishful thinking, or robotic non-thinking.

I find the cell, dna, micro-science studies being done today to be quite enlightening. I had an opportunity to speak with a genetic scientist at CMI and was blown away with some of the ground-breaking discoveries being uncovered that support intelligent design overwhelmingly.

I think being simple-minded is not the same as ignorant, but to be able to observe with one's senses as a child exploring his backyard ... to slowly watch, listen, touch, smell and even for fun draw what you see .... can be such a wonderful way to begin a study of science.

Nature around the world (I have been to several continents) has never ceased to amaze me at how it so beautifully points to an incredibly creative and orderly Designer. To look with one's eyes at a creek in the bush of Africa or a creek winding through bare desert land, is totally consuming for me and can take hours to slowly observe the beauty of the design, variety, and complexity of the smallest of things.

I dare say never once has an evolutionist laid under the stars on bare ground and taken in the perfect design of the night sky and still come to the conclusion that the essence of our universe was one mere accident after another, one mutation after another, one explosion after another until everything fell into a symphony of perfect harmony.

Mr. Thomas Root, why not forget all you have been taught or think you know and just as a simple child go out into the world to discover for yourself .... and then come back and report what YOU observed... first hand, eye-witness. And may I honestly say, enjoy the pleasure of creation all around you.

Please join in with your comments or experience.

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